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Green Living-individual responsibility

Green Living-individual responsibility

To change others positively, we should change it first for effective imparting of change.
–Mahatma Gandhi.

The need of the hour is to stop polluting and start living in eco friendly manner. The climate change is evident in many forms such as torrential rains, frequent floods, extreme heat and cold, extended rains and summers, droughts, Tsunamis, earth quakes, etc, and many more.

But the question is that whether the Governments have changed the policy to stimulate the eco friendly living? It can be answered from the life and policies of the Mahatma. It is easy to change the individual first before demanding the Organizations. If the individuals alter their mindset, they definitely vote the party, which takes up the eco-friendly activities. It is my small attempt to elucidate the Green living after following the same.

On every day we start the day by waking up. The habit of early rising would help us to keep ourselves healthy, which means consumption of fewer tablets. It ultimately leads to less pollution and mitigation of climate change. The inactive people always consume more in terms of all resources out of laziness.

The subsequent activity is going to toilet and excreting. The early excreting always helps to minimize generation of carbon dioxide and methane. Both these gases are responsible for Global Warming and Climate Change(cc).

The Subsequent activity is cleaning of teethes. We are habituated to clean the teeth with tooth paste. It involves the mechanical process, transportation, use of all chemicals, which leads to pollution and cc. The use of Neem stick or Ayurvedic tooth powder would reduce the pollution and cc. There is need of rearing the name plants, etc for propagating this habit. In the initial days people can use these products for 3 days in a week.
The subsequent activity is to take a glass of water or more to kick start our system. This habit would make the individuals active. It is to reiterate that active person always saves the resources and mitigates the cc.

The subsequent activity is to take bath. Most of the people use the hot water to take bath. This would waste the valuable energy sources to heat the water. Some people erroneously take bath with stored water, which is very cool, which forces them to use hot water. Some people even refer hot water during the summer. It ruins the valuable energy sources unnecessarily. People doing bath with normal well water would save a lot of energy sources and pollution. However, the habit of bathing with normal water improves the health of the individuals. When the hot water is inevitable, we have to use the solar water heating systems to utilize the renewable energy sources, there by decreasing the pollution.

he subsequent activity is to take breakfast. Usually, we prefer the cooked food. But cooking also wastes the valuable energy sources, which again causes the pollution and climate change. Even excessive use of L.P.G. also lowers the levels of the earth, there by causing inundation, etc. Hence, it is necessary to use the sprouts, fruits, vegetables, etc. as food to the extent of 25% least. It upkeeps the health, reduce the wastage in agricultural products, saves the energy. Many more advantages are there with the raw food. Especially, adding raw food to an extent of 100% in the breakfast would reveal the wonderful results in every aspect.

The subsequent activity is to take to purchase the vegetables required for the day. Usually people purchase for 3 or 4 days and they store it in the refrizirator. Some people also travel by vehicle. All the above activities increase the pollution. Instead of this people can grow the kitchen gardens. The advantages are improving the greenery, access in the fresh air, saving money, doing the exercise, non-pesticides, healthy living and eco-friendly atmosphere. There are many more advantages with the kitchen gardens. Hence, we have to take up the kitchen gardens in the available spaces. In absence of adequate vegetables we can purchase by going to the market on foot. This saves a lot of energy and keeps the individual healthy. If this habit continues regularly, there is no need of using the refrigerator. Refrigerator is the main cause for emission of chloro floro carbons and consumes valuable energy continuously. Thus it is source of high level of pollution which can damage ozone layer also. An Eco-friendly person shall immediately quit from the refrigerator to save the environment.

The subsequent activity is to cook. The usual mistake while cooking is that vegetables are not cut in small pieces, not using the pressure cooker, not soaking the rice, etc. All the above activities would consume the high levels of energy. So, there is need of taking the precautions in cooking for avoiding the pollution.

The subsequent activity is to go to school/college or office. Usually it requires the transportation. In case of the distance below the one kilometer, we require to walk or use cycle. The best remedy is to have their house near their institutions. It saves a lot of energy. In case of inevitability we must use the community transportation. Vehicle pooling is the recent concept for rich persons doing the better jobs.

The subsequent activity is to do work in the office.The subsequent activity after reaching the office is to switch on the lighting, computer and air conditioners (in case of officers).The most bad habit is switching on the a. c. during the winter and rainy seasons. It releases the CFCs and consumes the high electricity. CFCs deplete the ozone layers and it leads to destruction of mankind. These gases stay in the air for 1000 years and continuously warm the atmosphere during its stay. I feel that using the a.c. is a sin causing damage for the soul for 1000 years. Moreover, it also stops the elasticity of heart, with which we habituate to different atmospheres. It also damages kidney by flowing all the malignity through it by stopping the functioning of skin. Hence, we must quit the habit of using the a.c.

Another bad habit is shutting the doors and windows and switching on the lights and fans. It unnecessarily wastes the energy. Instead of this we should allow all the natural air and light to come inside the room, to allow energy saving.

Most of the times, we use to write or study the files, but don’t turn off the computer or monitor. Or at least keep in standby. Even most of us don’t know the concept of screen saver to operate to save energy. The screen consumes more energy than CPU. These simple but easy techniques would save a lot of energy. Purchasing the LCD or LED screens would save the energy. This action is dependent on officer. But subordinates can influence the decision.

We must also make a habit to turn off all the electric appliances, while leaving the office and during the lunch. Total turning off of all the appliances would save a lot of energy. There by mitigate the cc.

Taking the food carriage would also save valuable time and energy. While in head office, I use to dine together with all staff. It increases the intimacy and solves all the problems by discussing them during that period. Saving the time means, saving the energy, as working hours use to come down. During the working lunches, as Administrative Officer, I always provided the vegetarian food. This would always keep the officers active by consuming the less food at the same time saving valuable money.

Some people use to eat raw food only during the lunch. Though not advisable but it keeps us active by avoiding drowsiness. But, it is must during the night to have perfect rest to metabolism.

The communication is very vital to any office. Maintaining the website and e-mail id to all the staff would save all the paper, un-necessary posting, etc. Saving the paper means saving the trees.

In the evening, most of the persons use to spend time without any utilitarian purpose.People can propagate the Nutritional Garden for their own family. It has a lot of advantages. In this activity we can also go for Utilization of waste water. There is need of trees on the west side of the house, so as to save from the excessive heat of sun.In case of non-availability of spaces, they can go for rooftop gardens.
During the nights, every person has to take bath in our country. They can leave all their tensions and there would be decrement in consumption of energy, as they feel cool. They have to take early and light food, so as to give full rest to body. One has to go to bed early, so as to have good health.
During the night whatever I study is under the solar LED based lamp. It is the responsibility of every one of middle and above classes to adopt for the renewable energies, to generate more power and conserve the nature. It would also make the prices cheaper in future. It is evident that after large-scale use of LEDs, the prices have come down. It also boosted the solar energy sector. I have arranged the solar lights to most of my staff on salary deduction basis. It is arranged to them without burdening. Even I motivated other friends to go for similar procedure.


In the recent past, we hear of pompous marriages without caring for the environment in our country. But, in the west we hear about the simple marriages. They invite very near and dear only. Marriage invitation cards are printed very simply or sent through the electronic form. The local material is preferred to make the arrangements. It a lot saves the valuable resources.
But, in contra, we hear gorgeous wedding cards, cutting of trees and wasting many resources. Even in our country now slowly we are hearing the simple marriages and mass marriages.Thirumala Thirupati Devasthanam is conducting the mass marriages with a name kalyanamasthu. In that suryapet municipality has organized 41 marriages stating the following advantages: It saves the valuable money as the thali,dress, mattelu is provided free of cost. It is simple marriage with out burdening the poor for arrangements. It is an eco-friendly marriage without wasting the resources. All the important dignitaries would attend without caring for their status.

Such mass marriages are really good in nature. Even , I have seen such mass marriages among the muslims in nirmal.

It is the responsibility of every individual to motivate others to go green. It plays very vital role in conservation of nature.

Green Living-individual responsibility Reviewed by on . To change others positively, we should change it first for effective imparting of change. --Mahatma Gandhi. The need of the hour is to stop polluting and start To change others positively, we should change it first for effective imparting of change. --Mahatma Gandhi. The need of the hour is to stop polluting and start Rating: 0

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