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Advantages of Traditional Habits

Advantages of Traditional Habits

To assess the advantages of traditional habits we have to evaluate a lot of habits of Indians. This requires the historical perspective.
Let us start with the Indus Valley Civilization (IVC), India’s first and foremost Urbanized Civilization. It was also one of the early Civilizations of the World.
They had constructed the houses leaving the courtyard in the centre of house. It allows freely air, water (rain), sunrays (fire), earth, and sky in to the house. A traditional Indian can recognize that people of Indus Valley Civilization had allowed the pancha mahabhutas into their house. The human body is believed that it is made of pancha mahabhutas. Even, if we do not consider, they allowed the fresh air, which do not allow any ailments related to lungs. By allowing the water, they can store it in the vessels. It also percolates in to the earth and existing well in the courtyard. They also allowed the sunrays into the house with which some vectors and microbes do not enter into the house. It reduces the incidence of deceases early. Sunrays also prepare vitamin D in our body, which make our bones stronger. It also keeps off from the depression. The touch with the earth makes the man cool, reducing the body heat the visibility of sky do not make man myopic and reduce the depression.
In contrast to the traditional system, now we are constructing a packed house, which do not allow sufficient airflow into the house. It allows switching on the fans continuously.
Surroundings of the houses are floored with stones, which do not allow the water to percolate and on the name of civilization, we do not store the rainwater in vessels. Bore wells are replaced the wells. They are tools of continuous sucking of water with out recharging.
Every one must conserve the resources. I already made it clear that stress on resources always cause global warming.
Even sunlight is not allowed to enter into houses by constructing the houses in the made of westerners. It forces the human beings to consume to keep themselves hot.
People in some town do not get opportunity to watch the sky for days together and ultimately results to eyesight.
Hence, the design of the house is very much vital for avoiding the Global Warming, ill health and energy conservation.
The material now used in the construction of houses are also aggravating the problem of excessive use of energy, due to use of concrete, people are compelled to use Fans and AC’s for houses together in hot season and some people do not sleep without Fan and AC even during winter.
In the Indus Valley Civilization, people did not kept the door of windows and entrances open to the main roads. But in present days, people are habituated to keep their door to main road, which allow the dust to enter into the house.
Indus Valley people maintained under ground drainage system with manholes in regular intervals. But even in the much civilized (perhaps, we assume) societies, under ground drainage systems are not possible and maintenance in cities like Hyderabad is also a Herculean task. IN absence of under ground drainage system, mosquitoes easily grow
They established their towns in Grid System, in which roads are intersecting to make the town into rectangular blocks. The roads are also wide.
But even in present days, roads are hapazardous & narrow without following the layout. It easily interrupts the free flow of traffic and consumes more fuel, ultimately leading to pollution and Global Warming. For the environment concern, they had maintained the dustbins in every street. But unfortunately in present day we could not arrange dustbins, either, completely take up the house Garbage Collection.
In ancient period, even upto 30 years back in most of the towns, people maintained trees, pants, for various purposes in their backyard. They had got fresh air, flowers vegetables, and fruits for their consumption.
In present days, there is no space for backyard. A few people started thinking of greenery. We are consuming polluted air, which can cause breathing problems. We have to buy flowers, fruits and vegetables, which are preserved for 2 to 3 days. Again we preserve 2 to 3 days in the refrigerator, loosing all the freshness and nutrition. Thus, we are prone to more diseases.
Arrangement of house, well, plants and trees are in perfect position. All the consumed water of well (practically no consumption of water inside the house) use to go to the plants and trees of backyard garden. The excessive water after consumption of garden reaches a soak pit. It is usually dug into 6 feet and filled with sand and coal, So as to absorb the water. Hence there is no wastage of even a single drop of water. Even in the Indus Valley, Soak pits are found in many places.
In these days, whatever the water we use, it reaches the drains and pollutes a lot and reaches the rivers of rivulets of tanks and makes them polluted. Those are become breeding centers of mosquitoes and sources of foul smell. Some times questions arises in my mind, whether are we really developing the technology to cater our needs? or are we in clutches of resources stress? The development that we are taking up is not the for the development of resources. But it is for lacking the resources.
In olden days, the waste generated in the house used to be composted in the backyard. At that time there was no synthetic material which do not decompose. For every crop, the composted material has used. No body needs to throw waste on the streets. The composted material works as a organic manure for high yield.
In Olden days all kinds of fruits, vegetables were cultivated as per the season by preserving the seeds. They consume variety of food. More importantly there was choice of raw food. It ensures of freshness, nutrients, strength.
The opportunity of diversification of food and consumption of food according to seasons ensured them health. Their habit was not sit like a rock, but to work like a clock. What is the need of insulin or any other medicine? Their average life is less but their strength was more. Our average life is more but our strength is less. Our strength lies only in our minds. Other advantage of consuming raw food is that we do not waste the resources unnecessarily. It means reducing the Global Warming. I feel that it the duty of every person to consume Atleast 25% of raw food on daily basis. It Atleast reduce 10% of green house gas emission. It is because (1) energy is saved (2) he has to rear Atleast some plants for consumption (3) in a long run, he consumes less amount of food and his digestive and excretory system improves (4) His health also improves, consequently (5) seeds while becoming sprouts consume carbon dioxide (6) wastage of uncooked food does not arise (7) there is no need of using the refrigerators for preservation.
There are so many advantages for the raw food consumption. After reading above points, definitely some people switch to raw food for certain days. But continuity is the most important aspect.
Except on festivals and when relatives arrive, then only people preferred cooking of non-vegetarian food. Generally it is said that to assimilate in body. Vegetarian food takes 24 hours and Non-vegetarian food takes 96 hours. In our Global warming aspect, Non-Vegetarian creates more amount of pollution. These days consumption of Non-Vegetarian. Have increased a lot. They are grown in special forms. On one hand there is increment in large scale in animals, which consume Oxygen and leaves the CO2. On the other hand for constructing cattle farms & poultry sheds, the precious trees are destroyed and reducing the land for cultivation. It again put stress on Oxygen generation.
In olden days, the cooked food consist less amount of oil. They use to cook soups and graves to serve the whole joint family. Fresh foods are cooked in short time consuming less energy.
But in present days, fried curries are preferred in food. But these are increasing the incidence of cancer cases. The oil in the curries is buoyant. This has been reason for obese adolescent children. In similarity with Non-vegetarian, oily food also consumes a lot of time to assimilate into body. It also accumulates in body as fat, increasing the food.
Human beings are lacking work in present days. It is resulting in obesity. It is pertinent to mention that Hyderabad had become capital of diabetes.
The other facet of life is habit of awakening and sleeping. In ancient days, people use to wake up before the sunrise and used to carryout their daily routine. They ate food in timely manner, since they do not have complex duties to perform or to travel long distances to meet somebody or to earn. After working hard, they used to return to home, just before the sunset. Very soon they preferred to take their supper and spend some time with family members. People preferred to sleep between 8o clock to 9 o’clock. Even some people retire before 8’clock.
But in present days, nobody sleeps early and rises early. Most of the people do not take time on food. Even some people do not get time even to eat food. The mental stress is making men feeble to vulnerable to deceases.
After wide spreading of Idiot Box (TV), most of the people are not sleeping before 11’clock. Women are habituated to watch serials continuously. It is consuming a lot of energy unnecessarily. In some states we hear of closure of Industries due to paucity of electricity and huge number of people are becoming unemployees and under employees. Watching TV also made them isolated. This reduces the thickness in relations. In case of any problems, people are resorting to suicides.
Due to the vide spread of material culture, all the materials are available for payment of money. It is decreasing the dependency on one other. It is forcing people more to isolation causing a lot of stress.
In Olden days the grain used to be pounding that removes only husk of the rice. But these days every one is resorting to milling, which removes the upper red layer decreasing the important nutrients. The concept of Para boiled rice has been increasing. All these activities are making under nutritious. Even if we consume more, we lack nutrition in above circumstances.
The habit of drinking also varied from Ancient time to modern times.
In ancient days people use to drink lemonade, buttermilk, ragi drink, milk, coconut water. These liquids gave a lot of nutrients and made them strong.
But unfortunately in modern days, a few people are consuming the above drinks. Instead of that people are consuming cool drinks, which do not contain any nutrition.
Kindly watch the following comparison in present days.
1. Provide nutrition & energy to body 1. No nutrition
2. Improves tree plantation activity and transportation is minimized, there by reduce Global Warming. 2. Drain the Ground Water and causes Global Warming.
3. Chemicals are absent 3. Contain pesticide residues and dangerous chemicals
4. Improve digestive system 4. Reduce digestion
5. Maintain water balance in body and rehydrates 5. No rehydration.
6. Save humans from hydration conditions 6. Do not save from hydrating conditions
7. Provide employment to a lot of people and remove disparities 7. Provide employment to a few people and escalate the disparities.
8. Use of refrigerator is not necessary and can serve fresh 8. Use of refrigerator is necessary to keep cool and it causes cold after drinking.
9. Micro nutrients are available 9. No micro nutrients are available
10. Not harmful to dental system 10. Deplete the Enamel Layer of teeth
11. Contain the fiber and helps the excretory system 11. Fiber is absent
12. Works like ayurvedic medicine and prevent some deceases unknowingly 12. No such quality
India was such in population (Human Resources) and Investment as well in ancient period upto the free trade policy introduced by British in India.
In ancient days, people do not consume more than required. They economized their living. They use to give huge donations to temples, Buddhist monasteries schools and poor people. Even in some periods money was available @ 8% to 12% per annum interest. India was torchbearer in civilization for entire Asia and some parts of Africa. Indians settled in many parts of the world, but they never disturbed the local traditions, culture, etc.
Similarly, for the economic benefits, our Indian never destructed the environment and ecology. We used our human resources effectively. Astonishingly, in present days, we are imitating the culture of west blindly. It is not objectionable to replicate the good things, but imitation of culture, which doesn’t suit to Indian conditions, is very much dangerous.
For instance, India is a hot country. Here wearing a loose cotton dress is healthy. But people wear suit. The suit not only suits environmental condition but it requires extra material for manufacture. We already know that extra use of any material induce Global Warming. We use cosmetics made in foreign countries such as soaps, powders, de-odorants, perfumes, etc. These cosmetics neither cater the needs of the people nor qualitative. Other fact is that some of the products consists dangerous gases that are harmful to environment. Some Soap produces more lather. It also pollutes the environment.
We are also wasting food by preferring to eat in hotels. We also spend for our own purpose. Only a few people among us give the donations by economizing our own life. People now are spending much on smoking, liquor, eating non-vegetarian etc. Houses are occupying much space in the plots without caring for open spaces and greenery.
In present days, we are dependent on machines. Even to travel a distance of 100 meters, we are habituated to use vehicle. To step into first and second floors, we are using the lifts by consuming a lot of energy unnecessarily. It is also creates the problem of accumulation of fat in body. Moreover accumulation of fat results to a cascading effect of habituating to use the machines and vehicles forever, till he become a patient. Thus a fat man contributes to the Global Warming. But a few fat people recognize the danger with their fats and work to tide over the problem.
India is a country with vast human resources. We have to effectively utilize the human resources and make it our strength. But we need sympathy & faith on the poor people. Then only utilization of HR is possible. Training also plays a vital role in development of Human Resources. Education must reach to every doorstep in the whole country.
Our vision must be to lead the whole world. Today so many foreigners are visiting India for various purposes.
In ancient days also, so many foreigners visited Indian lands and admired the climate, traditions, hosting, peaceful condition efficiency in trade and commerce, knowledge in science and technology.
Some kings have taken utmost interest in restoring the peaceful conditions for improvement of trade and commerce with foreign countries. But now, we hear of atrocities on foreign nationals. Are we progressing really? Are we keen on the development of our country? We must not forget the Vedic saying Athithi Devo Bhava (respecting the guest). The dissemination of knowledge of various regions are possible with the help of visiting foreigners. Trade and commerce prevail in our lands escalating the opportunities of employment.
India was a knowledge hub in ancient days. Indians were a lot confident about their knowledge, deeds etc. But the same confidence is lacking in us. For resources such as minerals, fuels, we are depending on the foreign countries.
In fact we have to develop self sufficiency in energy sector, which paves the way to success. The opportunity with us is renewable energy sources such as solar energy, energy from waste, wind energy, ocean energy etc. This not only provides self-sufficiency but also avoids the dependency on the foreign countries. Valuable foreign exchange would be saving. More importantly above technologies are clean technologies and saves the environment and prevents the Global Warming.
Lack of work is causing diabetes, hypertension, and stress. Insomnia etc., above deceases leads to continuous use of tablets, which are made up of chemicals and a lot of resources are required for manufacture them. Some of the above deceases also make the human beings make them to depend on vehicles. Again it results to Global Warming. Hence economized consumption always prevents pollution and Global Warming.
Other Indian traditions worth mentioning are Water Therapy, Yoga and Fasting, which unknowingly improves the environment. The use of medicines made of chemicals is minimized by above.It means it is doing good to the environment.
Thus, it is clear that the traditional Indian habits are eco-friendly in nature and it conserves the nature. So, let us follow the traditional habits to conserve the nature.


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