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Daily routine of a healthy person

Daily routine of a healthy person

An intellegent person is one who cares for his health.His daily routine is with a lot of descipline.Most of the times, his routine is in consistence with traditional Indian habits and also with ayurvedic/yogic habits. S/he wakes up in the early morning , on or before 5○ clock.The advantages of waking up in early hours is that they are active for the entire day, as their metabolic rate and functioning rate of brain is higher, keeping him healthy.The Indian tradition always prescribes for “early to rise early to bed”.
 The initial activity of a healthy person is clearling his bowls.He clears them with in the span of 2 minutes (yes I am correct).If it is not with in that time, he introspects about his eaten things of entire two days.Here the advantage of clearing the bowls before sunrise is that body starts recirculating all the substances, including useless ones, which increases the load on the end organs.he ensures eating of fiber foods , which allows him to excrete immediately.
 The next habit of a healthy person is to drink a vesselful of water without brushing and very slowly,which is stored in copper vessel from the night, to an extent of 750 m.l. to 1000 m.l.The advantage of drinking water is that it up keeps the water balance of the body for the entire day.also it clears the useless substances from the body, accelerates the metabolism and keeps the person cool.As per sri.dixith, water in copper vessel also assures the acid and base equilibrium(copper increases the p.h value of water and make it alkaline).It also decreases the need of brushing regerously. The advantage of drinking stored water in the copper vessal is that micro quantities of copper reaches into the water.copper stimulates the production of the “Melonin”, which keeps the person youthful by minimising/delaying wrinkles and grey hair.Copper also have the Biocidal properties and ensures the fresh water.
In case of further brushing, the intelligent person brushes with neem or Miswak or tree based brushing sticks.He also opts for the ayurvedic tooth powder.
The subsequent activity is yoga for 30 to 40 minutes.It ensures the body and mind balance for whole day.he can take the impartial decisions due to yoga.He also observes the body wholistically.Wherever necessary, he use to send energy (pranashakti ) to that organ by mudra pranayam.Here, one point pertinent to mention is that when supply of pranashakti is less that organ does not function well.when pranashakti is revived, that organ starts working well.Here, there is no need of doctor.There is doctor is with in every being.
Further, if necessary, he follows the age old domestic techniques to cure some  ailments.his intakes includes tulasi (Basil) leaves, shatavari, ranapala, addasaram, ashwaganda, arjuna, etc.basing on the seasons and possible problems.
Twice or thrice in a week he use to sweat, allowing useless substances out of the body.During this time or later he expose his body to early sun rays, , allowing body to generate D vitamin, there by strengthening the bones and body frame.It also decreases the depression, etc.
Subsequently, s/he takes the bath with luke warm water during the winters and normal water during the summer.The well water is preferred by him, which keeps the normal temperatures during the winters also.As per the ancient ayurvedic texts, the river bath for two times at least in a week is the best option. It gives the physical exercise and exposure to Sun at a time, while taking the bath. Also, he do not allow the cold water to be poured on the head, which cause some ailments.Also he do not allow hot water to be poured on the sex organ, as it causes decrement in the sperm count. S/he takes the green tea to avoid many
ailments such as cancer, , depression, etc
S/he cooks the food with fresh vegetable, preferably grown without fertilisers and pesticides in his own backyard.She cooks in a panchaloha vessal.she does not cook on the gas stove or in a cooker, which exhausts all the nutritional values in the food.
She also cooks the unpolished rice, which consists of the B vitamin.she do not cook the stored vegetables in the fridge, which drops the nutritional values in the food. In other words in Ayurveda, the “Prana Shakti” of the food use to lost.Also, she cooks the food after taking the bath, as it allow more concentration on cooking and hygiene is also ensured. S/he feels that food is God.
he prays the God before taking the food for providing the food for his family and the whole world.The positive thinking and waiting before food intake releases the enzymes, improving the digestive system, which is vital system of all systems. He happily takes the food along with his all family members.
Subsequently, he takes the heavy food in the morning hours , duly giving priority to staple food.The metobolic rate is directly dependent on the sun.Where the sun is present, metabolic rate is also high.Hence, digestion power is more during morning hours. As the stomach is empty for more than 12 hours from night and also physical exercises carried is also more in day time. Hence, the hunger is also high.That is the reason why he eats more in the morning than afternoon and evening.
 More over , he maintains more than 2 curries in the food and eats curries almost equal to 50% of rice or chapathi.He takes the food by sitting on the floor. The advantages of the above habits are that diversified nutritional values are available in curries than in rice.They upkeeps the health.Taking the food by sitting on the floor allows the less consumption, there by keeping him slim, which keeps him healthy.
He go to his office either on his foot or on his cycle.He also accommodates himself near to his office. It saves a lot of time of him and avoids the unnecessary tensions, which keeps him healthy.
During the office hours he prefer to work positively.He tries to complete the tasks assigned to him before it is reviewed by the others. He sits in the seat taking the support of the chair to his back, so as to not to have back ache.Also he plans the works and execute them properly. While working on the computers, he ensures blinking of the eyes.From the little distance, he carryout work on the computer.Wherever necessary, he uses the electronic gadgets.
During the lunch , he takes the less food than the morning. He add some fruits , raw vegetables and nuts, so as to increase the alertness and nutritional values in the food.
Subsequently, he takes rest for 5 or 10 minutes.Preferably he sleeps in that while and gets up.This short nap allows him more efficiency through out the rest of the day.
 After the office hours, he comeback early to his home and take little snacks made in the home and walk for a while.Also , he waters the plants and trees.he takes up domestic work on his own, , without depending on others.It keeps him active. He also spend some time to learn new things.It keeps his brain active and without tension.
Also, if necessary, he do the yoga also in the evening session .He spends time with his family happily . Where it is necessary, he teaches his children.
He takes his supper very lightly by 7.00 p.m.His supper includes 2 or 3 chapathi or fruits.Taking light food during the night ensures full rest to the body.If heavy food is taken, the body organs continue to work to digest the food, in which complete rest is not possible.
 He also evaluates the day at once in 5 minutes. He thinks about the possible improvements to be taken place for the next time.Also he plans for the next day in 5 minutes, which both the above activities make him an error free and tensions free man. By 9.00 p.m he completes all his works and retires to the bed room.He happily spends with his wife and sleeps by 10.00 p.m.Before going to bed he ensures drinking of glass of water,which keeps him away from many health problems,including cardiac problems.
Daily routine of a healthy person Reviewed by on . An intellegent person is one who cares for his health.His daily routine is with a lot of descipline.Most of the times, his routine is in consistence with tradit An intellegent person is one who cares for his health.His daily routine is with a lot of descipline.Most of the times, his routine is in consistence with tradit Rating: 0

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