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Traffic management

Traffic management

Reasons for Jams:
1. When road is not catering the demanded width of the traffic.
2.Pot holes and repairs of the road cause decrement in the speed of the vehicles and ultimately lead to traffic jams.
3.Lack of free lefts.
4 . unnecessary hinderance of the pedestrians.
5.Lack of proper planning
6.Lack of traffic lights.
7 . Movement of push carts on the roads.
8. Lack of parking spaces.
9.Lack of attitude in traffic management staff including traffic police, municipality and other departments.
10 . Electric poles on the road.
11.Lack of busstannds and auto stands.
12.Inadequate number of markets at various places
13.Occupation of parking spaces.
14 . illegal structures in apartment open spaces.
15.Lack of dividers in the roads.
16. Inadequate traffic management staff.
17.Inadequate sanctions to cater the needs.
18.Lack of political will.
Activity : It can be divided into two phases.
   In the first phase, District traffic management committee meetings were held and some decisions were taken to clear the problems related to traffic. Two meetings were held under the chairmanship of the collector sri.Siddhartha Jain. A.V.Ranganath, S.P , D.S.Ps., Traffic C.I., and other officers attended the meeting.The key issues discussed were related to khammam town only.
The action taken on the points include are :
1.Removal of the encroachments existing in the cellars of the apartments.
2 . Establishment of new traffic signal in the Busstand junction.
3.Identification of new parking lots.
4.Payment of annual maintenance amount of traffic lights.
In all the above initiatives, Smt.Sunitha, D.S.P has taken a lot of interest. Auto stands were also identified. The same were implemented at a later stage.The Paid parking proposals were not materialised due to the strong resentment from communist parties.
At a later stage, Sri.Ramesh assumed the charge of Circle Inspector of traffic. He worked  with a perfect planning, continuously met the municipal officials, co-ordnated with the police staff.D.S.P,S.P., Collector sir  Srinivasa Sreenaresh gave him free hand.
City level traffic committee meetings were held under the chairmanship of theB.Srinivas, municipal commissioner .He involved the traffic, engineering section, Town planning section, R&B officials, Electricity department.
The following successes were achieved:
1.The important roads were widened with c.c.roads.
2.Renewal of B.T was done with around 500 lakh Rupees .It provided the alternate and hassle free roads.
3.Series of meetings were conducted with the street vendors and earmarked the zones and provided Identity cards for vendors. Also, two markets were established for them with the help of Superintendent of Police sri.A.v.Ranganath.They were also restricted not to come out of earmarked area.Chains were also arranged by the traffic police to arrange an additional area.
4.Some more encroachments in the apartments were removed.
5.Some roads were declared one ways.
6 . Dividers made up of cement blocks with a cost of 20 Lakh Rupees were placed on the roads to avoid the hapazarous movement of the vehicle.As per an oral enquiry, people felt that these cement blocks brought discipline in mototorists.Free left ways were created with the help of c.c blocks.Also Bus bays  and auto stands were also established. These c.c blocks have brought a revolution in the traffic management in the khammam city.
7.One more traffic signal was arranged at mayuri centre by SBH under Corporate social responsibility.
8.During the rainy reason, main road at mayuri centre use to inundated. Sullage outfall drain was constructed, duly diverting some of the flow to other area.Drainage holes were cleared and desiltation of Gollapadu channel was taken up.These activities avoided the inundation and traffic jams.
9.All the officials of police, Municipal Corporation, R&B and electricity have worked as a team to sort out the problems.
10.Many electric poles on the road was replaced by the NPDCL on payment of amount basis .Some poles were removed from roads, as instructed by the District Collector.
11.The traffic staff was alot increases by the S.P sir.The young blood is injucted into the traffic wing.
 12) Establishment of DARNACHOWK .Earlier, political leaders used to obstruct the traffic at Busstand and mayuri centre.Later it was banned by Sri . A.V.Ranganath, S.P. .At later stages ,the same was continued at offices.On one day CPM staged dharna at municipal Corporation office and caused alot of problem both to police and municipal staff . consequently, Municipal Commissioner, Khammam had addressed a letter to district collector and Superintendent of Police to establish a Dharna chowk
After alot of discussions, Sri.Srinivasa Sri naresh has allocated land for dharna chowk opposite to Collectorate.
Sri.A.v.Ranganath, S.P.has strengthened the traffic wing with the following initiatives:
 1.Constracution of traffic Sub Control rooms at Sri Sri , Yellandu cross road and NTR center with the help of private partn
2 . Estsblishment of Traffic control room (Command Control room) to control and moniter all trafic points in town area and also control the trafic men on duty and traffic patrolling vehicles
3.Traffic patrolling vehicles were increased.
Initiatives by M.L.A.
The then M.L.A Sri.Tummala nageshwar rao has initiated three major initiatives as follows :
1.Dhamsalapuram to Srinivasa nagar road was completed to act as Bypass road,which decreased the traffic flow in the Khammam city.
2.Prakashnagar Bridge was completed.
3.Bonakal road was proposed for widening.
Other attempts:
1.Wanted to establish prepaid auto syste.
2.Widen the roads.
3.Wanted to establish the new junctions.
4.New traffic lights were proposed.
5.New parking space was proposed near RailWay station.
6 . District Administration wanted to shift the Busstand to someother place.
7.Attempted to establish  new markets at various places.
8 . Establishment of traffic Sub Controls at some more places.
9.Manpacks to all traffic points including important officers of kMC officers
10.Decreasing of footpath in between Mayuri junction to Zp center .
11.Renovation of BT road from Zp center to bonakal road and extention of road was proposed and amount was sanctioned.


Traffic management Reviewed by on . Reasons for Jams: 1. When road is not catering the demanded width of the traffic. 2.Pot holes and repairs of the road cause decrement in the speed of the vehicl Reasons for Jams: 1. When road is not catering the demanded width of the traffic. 2.Pot holes and repairs of the road cause decrement in the speed of the vehicl Rating: 0

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