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Green marriage

Green marriage

We want every thing green to save the environment. Here i would like to discuss about making the marriage green to protect the environment.

The basic intention of protecting the environment is to conserve the resources. In Indian context, marriage is the source of draining the resources and exhibit the pomp of the people.

The basic components of the marriage are
1.Bride and groom
2.Relatives and friends
3.Material used
4.Ritual & time
7.Invitation Cards
8. jewellery
Some people print their invitation card using alot of paper and layers.It unnecessarily wastes the resources and causes the pollution.

The basic principle of green marriage is that the marriage invitation card shall be on a single card to save the resources .Also, people should accept the invitation through social media and sms. It saves alot of resources. Moving to every house to handover the invitation card will drain the resources unnecessarily. People shall not feel humiliation for not inviting personally. Inviting over the phone shall be appreciated for saving environment.

Also,invitees should indicate the place of function hall in the Google maps to reach the place easily with the GPS systems.It saves a lot of fuel of invited and avoids unnecessary phone calls.

The fixing of place of marriage shall be to the convenience of the friends and relatives. If marriage takes place in the distant place,it drains the fuel.In unavoidable circumstances, public transport systems must be arranged.

A few material must be used for the marriage.Decorations must be avoided.Keeping series lights shall be avoided.
It is better to have the Registration process of marriage.

Marriage conducted during the nights consumes a lot of energy and resources. The Green marriage must held during the day time to save resources.

The gifts given to the  bride and groom shall invariably protect the environment,such as LED Lights,solar lnverters, solat water heating systems,LED TV,Valuable plants,solar cooking systems,solar vehicles, etc.

Lack of parking place in the function hall is source of the traffic jams and pollution. On my request as Municipal Commissioner, owners of function halls had provided audio system for calling the vehicle owners. It saves alot of resources by avoiding jams.

Sri.Maheedhar Reddy, the then Minister for the Municipal Administration &Urban Development has over emphasised the need of parking spaces for function halls.It brought the appreciable results. I then as commissioner, Khammam municipal Corporation had insisted parking spaces and its effective management by conducting series of meetings with function halls owners.

Hence,parking spaces availability and its effective operation would save alot of resources.

The arrangements of non vegetarian food is source of pollution. Non vegetarian causes 3 times more pollution than the vegetarian ,as per one scientific estimate.In telangana area, people use to curse and abuse for not arranging non veg food.

Hence,people  must provide the vegetarian food during the function to save the environment.

In the recent past, people are serving the food in disposal plates.The silver plates consists the dangerous Arsenic, which damages the brains of children .Also, hot food served in the plastic plate amalgamates with plastic and causes cancer ,stomoch ache, brain damage,etc.   Similarly, the use of plastic glasses causes similar affects.
Hence,the disposal material shall not be used for the environment Protection. Also , the material used should be safely disposed. Using the banana or modhugu leaves as food plates are the correct alternative for environment Protection.

Arranging the less number of food serving counters for the invited is also cause for the wastage of the food. People should serve themselves the optimum food and see that food is not wasted. Invitee should see that food sample tasting counter should be arranged for the attending people.I had seen in a hotel serving the sample food and later serving the full food as per the request.It saves a lot of food.

Sri.Janardhan Reddy, C&DMA has taken interest in this initiative  and got the IEC material written on the function halls.
Most of Hindhu festival and ritual habits are for the protection of the people and environment,without their notice. Similarly, new environment Protection habits can be inducted into the marriage ritual. The bride,groom and their nearest relatives may be asked to plant atleast 100 plants in near by barren lands.Or to  leave at least one ecological foot print on their marriage.

Here,i want to tell you about Veera puja conducted after the marriage in the warrior communities to commemorate the died soldiers of their family. Similarly, why prakruthi puja cannot be guaranteed,to protect environment ?Without environment balance,nothing is sustainable.

Some people horribly crack the  crackers.It is a very dangerous to environment. Such things should be avoided

Even some people offer liquor at the time of Reception.Such things should be avoided.

The best Green marriage i got conducted was at Suryapet under ” Kalyanamastu” programme conducted by the TTD.About 125 marriages were held atonce ,out of which my suryapet municipality team has mobilized 44 couples. Mangalasutram, and some material was given freely by TTD.Philonthropic  persons distributed some material like Glasses,vessels, etc.Only single Baja Bajantri team was there.Optimum material was used.There was no unnecessary expenditure of amounts.Least expenditure was incurred by  Brides.Later,Grooms organised the receptions.However,many public representatives blessed the couples.

I was also guest for the Mass marriages of Muslims held at Nalgonda.About 25 marriages were held at once.

Hence,Green marriage is a marriage, which take all the measures to protect the environment.I also propose Mass Marriages can be Green Marriages to save environment.  I also invite suggestions from readers to improve article.

Green marriage Reviewed by on . We want every thing green to save the environment. Here i would like to discuss about making the marriage green to protect the environment. The basic intention We want every thing green to save the environment. Here i would like to discuss about making the marriage green to protect the environment. The basic intention Rating: 0

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