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Advantages of Vegetarianism

Advantages of Vegetarianism

The Vegetarianism has two kinds of advantages. One is Individual and second is Community. Here i would like to discuss the individual benifits. I am personally a converted vegetarian and seen many heriditory vegetarians. Basing on such experience, I am writing this article. The limitation of the article is that i may not reveal the advantages reaped by higher level vegetarianism.

The individual advantages of the vegetarians are as follows : 1. Vegetarian food digests and assimilates in to the body between 24 to 48 hours. Where as Non vegetarian food digests and assimilated only after 96 hours. This gives the sustainability of digestive system to the vegetarians.

2. The consumption of oxygen for digestion of non vegetarian food is more than vegetarian food. This assures consumption of high oxygen quantity by vegetarian by making the vegetarians intelligent or at least active.

3. Non vegetarian food consumes more water for digestion. Vegetarian food consumes less water. This ensures water balance for vegetarians and keeps them cool and calm. Where as non vegetarians are emotional and angry.

4. Spices added to the non vegetarian food generates the high levels of heat in the body . Addition of spices are comparitively less in case of vegetarian food. More heat in the body causes instability of body and mind.

5. The vegetarians can wake up early in the morning and get up quickly from the bed after waking up. Where as booting speed of non vegetarians is comparitively less. Early rising increases the metabolic rate.

6. The quantity of fat in the non vegetarian food is high. This causes obesity, heart diseases,diabetes and hypertension. The low quantity of fat ensures good health for vegetarians.

7.The taste of non vegetarian food is concentrated. Hence, taste buds will reach to excited stage. Thus non vegetarian does not feel the taste of the food,unless it is more spicy than earlier. The memory space occupied by the non vegetarian food is higher in the brain. That’s why they easily forget the things. Where as vegetarian has more memory power.

8. The tounge of the vegetarian is slim. It ensure to speak efficiently.

9. The spiritual power of vegetarian is comparitively more than non vegetarian. In yoga also, vegetarians have advantages over the non vegetarian.

10. Average life expectancy in India is more for a vegetarian than non vegetarian.

11. The average expenditure on food and health is more for a non vegetarian than a vegetarian.

12. Non vegetarians quarrel on food quantity and quality during the functions. This does not happen in case of vegetarian.

13. The diversity of food is more in case of vegetarian , as they consume various vegetables and fruits. This ensures the more nutritional values. Thus, assuring good health to vegetarians. vegetarians. Non vegetarian neglects the other foods.

Community advantages :

1. Non vegetarian giving animals requires sheds for living, also consume feed comes from plants. Thus, consumption of non vegetarian is 3 times higher than vegetarian. That’s the reason why Barrac Obama is asking U.S people to be vegetarian. Thus, food security is assured with vegetarianism.

2. Vegetarianism is an eco friendly habit. All the eco friends gives up the non vegetarian.

3. Animal consume oxygen and releases the carbon dioxide and methane emissions. It increases the oxygen demand. Where as plants and trees ensures the release of oxygen decreases the demand for oxygen. Thus, Vegetarianism enusures the equilibria of climate and mitigates the climate change.

4. Excessive Demand for non vegetarian food causes excessive generation by artificial methods such as injecting medicines, vaccines, etc. Irononically, no physical activity is allowed to the animals. These animals are prone to contagious diseases. Bird flu is one of such diseases. Where as vegetarian don’t face such serious problems with trees and plants. This can be prevented by diversity of crops.

5. On depending on the plants, we can get good rains too.

6. Vegetarianism also leads to other good habits of simple living and eco friendly living.

7. Excessive demand for non vegetarian also destroyes the food chain. For instance, frogs were allowed to export from India. This has decreased the frogs and increased the mosquitoes , resulting to huge number of mosquitoes borne diseases . Similarly , The birds are hunted with the modern equipment . This has serious threat for greenary , as birds are natural sowers of seeds. Thus, Vegetarianism is the best way of living to protect the food chain .

How to increase vegetarians & Vegetarianism.

1. In the ancient days of Buddha and Mahaveera, they raised the revolt against the non vegetarianism. Such pioneers are required to bring social change.

2. Due to excessive availability of money , some people are resorting to eat non vegetarian on almost every day. To avoid it, two compulsory holidays for slaughtering, selling, cooking and eating should be given. Astonishingly, The Mughal king Jahangir has given two holidays per week for slaughtering of animals. This should open the eyes of law makers.

3.Consumption of Non vegetarian food should be banned in the marriages. That should be allowed in receptions. It also decreases the burden on bride families in addition to protecting the environment. In Adilabad district Reddy community banned the consumption of non vegetarian food during the marriage. Some other communities replicated such practices.

4. Government should advertise the advantages of the vegetarianism and maladies of non vegetarian food.

5. Intelligentsia should bring it to the notice of common man that non vegetarian food was allowed in olden days during the festivals, on arrival of guests, temple fairs only. But, the present continuous consumption leads to environmental imbalances , health problems and climate change .

6. Some yoga gurus are preaching the vegetarianism. These kind of preachings has to be increased. Also, these preachings should reach the common man and depressed classes.

Limitations of Vegetarian food:

1. Some of the vital Amino acids are absent in vegetarian foods.

2. Vegetarians are required to diversify the food,so as to have the complete nutritional food.

3. A few vegetarian people can’t show anger,displeasure, even though required.

4. Vegetarians are not adapted to physical activity.

5. Some of the vegetarians are very shrude.

Ethical reasons for why we should consume Vegetarian :

Subash patriji, founder of pyramid yoga gave me opportunity to speak on why we should be vegetarian during a meeting in suryapet .I am revealing the same. Subsequently, he added some points.They are as follows :

1. We are not the creators.Hence, we don’t have right to kill.

2. Animals too have the soul.Trans migration of soul in forced manner is a sin.

3. The size of the intestine don’t suit the non vegetarian food.
4. Consumption of meat increases the Rajo guna.

5. Excessive use of animal based food causes harm to environment.

6. Killing of some animals affects the food chain. ( That’s the reason why our ancestors banned killing cats, as it kills the rats and saves the food grains. Also lizard kills the insects. Snakes also clears the rats) We can add some more points.

I conclude this article by as usually requesting to share ,if you like it.

Advantages of Vegetarianism Reviewed by on . The Vegetarianism has two kinds of advantages. One is Individual and second is Community. Here i would like to discuss the individual benifits. I am personally The Vegetarianism has two kinds of advantages. One is Individual and second is Community. Here i would like to discuss the individual benifits. I am personally Rating: 0

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