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Analysis on Russian names/Surnames

Analysis on Russian names/Surnames

Some russian names remind the Indian origin of them.Damantheva reminds us about the Damayanthi and king Nala story.

The Kashyapa Rishi has reminded from the names of kashyapov, kaspov, kasparov, etc.Similarly the caspian sea, which is largest lake on this earth is on the name of Kashyapa and earlier denoted by the Indians as Kashyapa sagara.That means Indians migrated to that area.

As per the book published by the Ramakrishna Mission namely “108 Bhararatiya Visheshalu”, Indian sages did tapas on the bank of of the lake Baikal and known as Vaikannasa.Also, the Buryat tribe people living in syberia follows the Buddhist and Hindu traditions. Ayurvedic medicine has been prevailing also confirms their Indian origin.

We also find the name Agniya, which means pure may be related to Agni, fire God,

Nikitha is a russian name, which means unconquered has similar meaning of victorious in Indian languages.

Roza has meaning of Red in Russian. In the the colour of Rose flower is usually Red.

We can find the name of Shura in Russian, which means defender of mankind.In indian languages, it has same meaning such as defender, brave, etc.


Coming to the surnames of the Russians, they have the similarities with Indian surnames in the formation.

Russian surnames formed on the names of the sects/tribes.The Avery family is on of the famous families in the central Asia. The formation of surname on these family took place in Russia as Averin and Averyanov.In the Indian context they are Avery , Avarai, Avarineni, etc.

Russian surnames are also formed on the basis of a region or state.we can find surname Belorusov on the name of  Belorus(Presently a country).It can be also observed that Romanov is the surname formed on the name of Romania country.It is also name of the dynasty in Russia. India we can find the surnames such as dakshinadi, kalinga, avanthi, etc.

It is observed that Slavasky is the surname on slav ethno-linguistic group.we can find surnames of telang, odra ethno-linguistic groups in India also.Yaroslavasky and yaroslavatsev are two slav surname variations  in Russian surnames.

It is observed that one surname on the barentz sea is Barentsev, possibily for living on the banks of barentz. We can also find the surnames of samudrala in some castes in India.

it is observed that Uralets surname is formed on the name of Ural mountains.

Astonishingly, it is observed that one surname urbanovasky is formed on urban area (of living).

Russian surnames are also formed on the names of the cities.Vinogradov , Vinokurov are such names formed on the name of vinograd.we can observe

Russian surnames are formed on the famous person of their family. Abdulov, abramov, Abramovich, simonov, Umanov, filipov, Ivanov, yusufov, Yukubov, etc.can be find in Russian surnames.

In Indian context also , we can find surnames on the names of family heads like garg, kashinathuni, gopagani, etc.

Russian surname Benedictov is formed on the name of a religious leader Benedict.In India we can find surnames of Buddha, etc.

Russian surnames Zarkov, Zarkhin are formed on the name of their king before the Russian Revolution.

Russian surname polzin is a occupational name.It is a designating a merchant, who engaged in transactions for profit in Russia.In india , we find  the surnames of shetty and surnames on guild name.

Russian surname Kuzents means Blacksmith. It clarify that these surnames are formed on the occupation name.We can find surname of Gandla (oil extracting community), Chamar (skin extraction) in India.

In Russian surnames, it can be observed that Siyan ,which means defender (protector) has many number of variations such as Siyan, Siyangulov, Siyanin, Siyanitsa, Siyankin, Siyanko,Siyankov, Siyankovasky, Siyanov, Siyanovich, Siyanosov, Siyansky, Siyankikh, Siyanstev, Siyanchuk.

Thus, it is very clear that Indian surnames and Russian surnames are similar on formation.

Indian Connections

Some of the Russian Surnames remind us the Indian connection. Kaverin reminds us the river name of kaveri, as people from this region would have migrated there.

Kapitsa surname reminds us about the Kapi (monkey).The two surnames Malinin and Manin astonish us.These reminds us the words Malini and Manini, which both means woman.

The surnames Panin and Paramonov definitely reminds us about panini and param.Panini was a great sanskrit scholar of India of ancient times. He wrote Astadyayi, a book on sanskrit grammar. He was a student of takshashila university students.Possibly his descendents/students Expl would have migrated there. Param is a word related to God.

The surnames of Mukhanov, Mukhin, Mukhov, Mukhomorov, Mukhomotrov reminds us the sanskrit words Mukha (face) or Mukhiya (important person or leader of tribe or family).

The surnames of Razin, Rezansov, Razuvayev, Reznikov, Rezhevsky reminds us the variations of raja or Rajan, which means king.

The surname of Pushkaryov reminds us the famous temple city of Pushkar. Pushkar is in Rajasthan and Lord Brahma temple is there.People from here would have migrated there long ago.

The surname of Murugov also reminds us the Indian God Murugan.Similarly, the surnames of Sivakov , umametev and Umanov reminds us the lord shiva and his concert uma.

The surnames of Yagovkin , Yazov reminds us uabout the Yaga, a typical Hindhu spiritual activity.

The surname of Ananyev reminds us the sanskrit word Ananya, which means extraordinary.


We can find the name of panini in the names of Russian and Italian names as follows :

Ÿ   Giovanni Paolo Panini (1691–1765), Italian artist


Ÿ   Carlos Panini (died 1951), wealthy Mexican businessman of Italian origin

Ÿ   Manuel Panini (born 1983), Italian footballer


l   , a sandwich-like food, Italian in origin

l   Panini (primates), formerly a zoological tribe containing chimpanzees, now usually re-classified as the subtribe Panina

l   Panini Group, a company headquartered in Modena, Italy

Panini Comics, a publisher of comic books and magazines, part of Panini Group

Panini (stickers), a brand of collectible stickers published by Panini Comics

l  Panini, a character in the animated television series Chowder

Panini Modena, the original name of Pallavolo Modena

it may be due migration of descendants or followers of panini.The students of panini was living near takshashila, as mentioned by Huan Sang . This area  is very close to Indo -Roman trade route .Also ,Karachi port(Barygaza in olden days) , where indo -Roman trade was taken up is also not far to Takshashila. It would have allowed the migration of descendants/followers of Panini . Interestingly, panini influenced the Greeko-Roman languages, linguists of present days.Experts feels that the present computer logic is based on the the Sutras in the Astadyayi written by Panini.

Analysis on Russian names/Surnames Reviewed by on . Some russian names remind the Indian origin of them.Damantheva reminds us about the Damayanthi and king Nala story. The Kashyapa Rishi has reminded from the nam Some russian names remind the Indian origin of them.Damantheva reminds us about the Damayanthi and king Nala story. The Kashyapa Rishi has reminded from the nam Rating: 0

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