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Decreasing nutritional values in food

Decreasing nutritional values in food

As per the Ayurveda, the nutritional content in a Agricultural yield is based on the soil fertility and period of yielding.
The soil fertility has been decreasing with the use of chemical fertilizers and practical revitalization is being taken up by the farmers. Thus, nutritional content has been decreasing.
During the olden days the yielding was harvested after more months and age old trees were existing.The plants and  trees  had capacity to suck more minerals from soil.Thus, nutritional values in food was more in olden days.
In present days, the gestation period has been decreasing due to lowering of that period in the High yielding/ Hybrid Varieties.As the time of contact of plant with soil is less, naturally mineral intake by  the crop is also less.on consuming such food , human beings also obtain less nutritional content.Also, many age old fruit and nut bearing trees vanished , resulting to low nutritional values in fruits and nuts also.
To simply explain,the nutritional values
in tuvar dal or Red gram (Cajanus cajan) is more than Green gram, as the period of contact of tuvardal plant  with soil is much more than green gram.
I also observed that in the recent past ,the yield of bottle guard is obtained in 45 my childhood it was 75 days and initial yield was not allowed to be eaten.It was offered to god and animals.That practice may insisted to avoid the low nutrient food and to increase the nutritional intake.
At the same time the yield per acre has been increased.The same quantity of soil nutrition use to be distributed to total yield.In olden days , 2 tonnes was the usual yield per acre.Now , 4 tonnes yield is quite common yield. If 100 units of nutrition is available, per tonne nutrition in olden days was 50 units.where as 25 units per tonne during present days, sharply decreasing nutritional content.
Also, the excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides ,unknowingly by farmers, is also one of the causes for the decreased nutrition in the food.
Alarmingly, the food intake has been decreased of human beings due to sedentary life style.due to decrement of nutritional values in food, food in take should be increased to have same level of nutrition in human beings.But , food intake has been decreasing.
Also, people have become soft and eating the polished rice, which have  the nutritional values in minimum levels. Also fruits are taken by removing upper layer, which consists of micro and macro nutrients, etc.The same is lost in above cases of removing.Thus,there is no consumption of nutritious food practically.
As the artificial ripening is prevalent in the society, it is also causing the great damage to the nutritional values in the food.
In olden days, the import of vegetables and grains from far off places were not more than 25%. But, now it has increased to about 75%,that too all the varieties first reach to Hyderabad in the state of Andhra Pradesh( presently telangana).For transport from produced place to Hyderabad,it would take one day and one day to reach to desired place.The consumer buys it on next day.If, we add the transaction between the wholeseller and retailers, one more day has to be added some times. That means consumer utilize the vegetables or fruits only after 4 days after harvest.
I would share one of my experiences .Nakrekal surroundings are famous for the sweet lime gardens and lime gardens.All the crops would be transported to Hyderabad market at once in lorries to cut the costs. Again , the whole seller in the hyderabad send it to suryapet and kodad towns, increasing the cost.But, direct transport of same products were absent or low from Nakrekal to suryapet, which are 25 k.m away.
In the instant case, I would share that in above case of unnecessary transport, cost of vegetables and fruits goes up and nutritional values would be lowered.Thus, the unnecessary transportation is also lowering the nutritional values.
Recently, Govt have taken a initiative to sanction trolly autos to farmers, where he can sell it in nearby places immediately on profit without allows profits to both farmer and consumer without lowering the nutritional values.
Another important aspect is storing of food in the fridge also decrease the nutritional values. It also increases the habit of storing the food instead of buying on daily basis.
The cooking in the pressure cooker and microwave owens also decrease the nutritional values .Also, the frying of food causes increased carbon percentage in food, decreasing  vital nutrients in the food.
we have to discuss the solutions to tide over the nutritional deficiencies.Otherwise , this page won’t have any value.
1.old trees has to be protected.
2.natural fertilizers should be used. gardens, backyard plantation shall be taken up to cater needs of at least 25% of that family, preferring the country varieties.
4.Ayurveda plants should be grown and home remedies should be practiced.It caters nutritional values, while curing the ailments.
5.climbers gives more yield with in low space and caters nutrition.
6.people should know about diversified food and integrated food, so as to have nutritional values in the food.
8.Non pesticide management in agricultural shall become a state and community driven objective.
9.Artificial ripening shall be stopped.
10.Wastage of food shall be prevented to avoid stress load on production, as waste increases production has to be increased.
11.The equilibrium between the High yielding varieties and traditional crops should be maintained by the farmer.
12.Fruit bearing trees has to be made available to the people,farmers at low cost or no cost to to take up plantation on bunds,tank beds,etc. In urban areas,those plants shall be take up as Avenue Plantation.
13. Facilities shall be made available to the farmers to buy their products directly to consumers.
14.people shall not store the foods for more days in fridges.Cooking in Owens shall be avoided as it spoils more amount nutrition.And aluminum cookers are very dangerous ,especially in fluoride affected areas
Decreasing nutritional values in food Reviewed by on . As per the Ayurveda, the nutritional content in a Agricultural yield is based on the soil fertility and period of yielding. The soil fertility has been decreasi As per the Ayurveda, the nutritional content in a Agricultural yield is based on the soil fertility and period of yielding. The soil fertility has been decreasi Rating: 0

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