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Life journey of a sick boy

Life journey of a sick boy

It is my own story. It illustrates the transformation of sick boy to healthy and hale man. It also elucidate the changing habits helped me to become healthy.

I born to my parents after long time after their marriage. I was very weak with less weight . As per my mother, I was susceptible to many ailments. Cold and cough was very common.Even i too remember that sneezing was common even at the age of 12.

As the matters stood, two events in the life has made my health miserable. Once i cut on my leg with a blade may be at the age of 4 or 5. Again while i was studying 1st  or 2nd class , i was unknowningly cut by the slate of a junior, while coming back from the school. A lot of blood was gone out .I have to be in the hospital for more than one month in each case at Nizamabad. For some days, there use to be vomitings and whatever food was given,  it used to come out.  told . My parents were a lot worried. They told me that  i was saved due to the grace of God.These mishaps impacted on both health and education.

Also, there used to be stomach ache. I used to suffer a lot. Once our family doctor diagnosed it as it as appendix. I was taken to Nizamabad in a car in hurry. The pain was subsidised, once i reached the kisannagar.

The matters stood thus, my mother was fallen sick frequently.  She was joined in the Nizamabad hospital.  I was forced to stay at my maternal Grand parents house at sattenapally. This has altered my way of living. My Grand mother prepared sunnundalu with ghee ( minapa laddulu). I was forced to eat in the early morning. That food habit had increased my strength. In later days after reaching to my home, the supply of minapa laddulu was ensured by my Grany on request of my mother.

I  have joined in the primary school, Thimmapur for studying 4th class. It is just 200 metres away from my home. There used to be interval in the morning. My mother and father way trying to increase intake of food. I  too was started playing and reading well without instructions from any one.

As the appetite has increased,  I used to eat in the morning,  whilst going to school. In the interval, I  used to run to my home and eat and come back to school. All these process used to be completed in the span of 10 minutes.
In the afternoon, i used to take lunch as usual. After coming back from school, my mother ensured some village snacks like garelu or atukulu. The supper use to be as usual. During this childhood days, i learnt to eat less quantity of food for more times. This has ensured a very good health,  since I continue this habit.
During the primary education, I inculcated two more good habits of going to library and going to temple. Ramesh, One of my childhood friends has taken to the library for the first time. I completed reading all the books in the library of my native by my intermediate .  It inculcated the patience.

One astonishing thing was that I was suffering from fever, while I was studying 4th class. But, i denied to take rest and attended the school.  Teacher applauded me for that. Thus, I started fighting against the odds.

Sri. Srinivas, son of manic rao uncle was the reason for the increased interest on the temple. I used to accompany him to during the festivals and Saturdays.  It increased spiritual feelings in me. The above two habits improve the health.

During the upper primary school i started playing cricket and other Games. My father used to wake me up from bed between 4.00 a.m to 5.00 a.m. This was strenuous. But, unknowingly improved the health.

During the High School days, i started jogging in the morning hours. Also, use to go to gym. This has further increased my physical and mental health. I learnt about the trans -migration of the soul and decreased eating the non vegetarian food. This also improved my health.

During the junior college days, i was forced to involve in the business of my father. The availability of nutritious food has increased slowly. It reached to its peak during my Degree College days. The food availability has improved my physique.

During the Degree College days, the availability of nutritious food has increased enormously. Milk products from Badankurthi village was purchased by my father. I  continued jogging in the early hours. I also started weight lifting ocassionally. I also increased the frequency of playing table tennis.  For some months, i learnt karate. Going to gym was continued. I have become vegetarian during August, 1993. Then onwards i continued to be the vegetarian. I have to travel 30 Km to attend the college at Nirmal from my village Khanapur.

All the above physical activities, involving in business and nutritious food made me very sound. Despite of heavy work and continuous journeys, I  was not even sick for a day.

I shifted to Osmania University Campus to persue the higher education.  The food was not suited me. I have to suffer with amebiosis, dhiorria, hypoglycaemia, etc. These were very pathetic days of the young age. I got joined in the Gandhi hospital by my friends Hyma rao and chennaiah. My parents were terrified.

This taught me a lesson . I require more knowledge on medical science. I started taking my sick friends to the hospital. This is emulation of habit of my Brother-in-law Sri. Bhasker, now staying in U.S.  That made me to know about the curative medicine.

One year after getting job, in 2002, I was perfectly healthy. I have cured with the Ayurvedic medicine. So, i started spending my free time with Ayurvedic Doctors and homeo Doctors. N.D.Raju, Dr. Raji Reddy, Dr. Rakesh, Dr. Suresh Jakotia  are my Ayurvedic doctor friends. They taught me many things on preventive and curative medicine.

Dr . madhusudhan ,a homeo doctor of Bhainsa has taught about the Renal diseases. I sent many patients to him. In khammam, Dr. Laxmi narayana and Dr. Raju, both homeo Doctors, taught me preventive medicines for some diseases. Our team has distributed preventive homeo pills , when khammam was suffering with viral and dengue fevers.

While in Nirmal , in 2005, I learnt yoga.
This made me mentally very sound. I felt no fear afterwards. It also taught me to observe the body carefully. This enabled me to prevent many health ailments. Yoga also taught me that if you want some thing, you also expect others to get the same. I wanted healthy life and wanted to give the same to other people. This ambition has fulfilled in suryapet.

During 2008, i got 2 ayurvedic medicines.  One explained the prevention and self cures of various common diseases. Another is a old Ayurvedic book written by Doguparthy siddanthi Gupta. It discussed the various preventive and curative techniques of many diseases. I have tried the some of the techniques. This has increased my knowledge on Ayurveda.

I have joined as Municipal Commissioner, Suryapet in November, 2009. My life has moved to the direction of the environment. Since, I have to work to provide the health to people to keep myself healthier. The following are my initiatives :
a . strengthened the Solid waste Management.
b. More than 2 lakh plantation was taken up and protected.
c. Herbal park was established.
d. Training on herbal remedies was given and medicinal plants were distributed.
e. Kitchen gardens were taken up by freely distributing the seeds and seedlings.
f. 2 lakes were conserved. This increased the water table and decreased the town temperature.
g. Eradicated the mosquitoes in biological way.
h. Protected water was supplied to many poor people at lowered cost.
i. Solar systems were provided.
j. Energy efficiency measures had been taken up.

All the above initiatives has brought a greater power in me. During this period I have strengthened my yoga ability and accupressure techniques.

My arena has shifted to Khammam. The following are the activities taken up there:
1. Distributed around 2.50 lakh Addasaram plants in the khammam district and out side the district. 60, 000 shatavari plants.
2. Establishment of 2 herbal parks. One at Srinivas nagar tank and other at the Sthambadri Laxmi narasmhaswamy temple.
3. Distributed the seeds and seedlings at free of cost.
4. 10 parks were renovated. 20 parks were planned and obtained sanction.
5. Energy efficiency measures were implemented.
6. Plans were formulated to make the office and parks solar.Amount was paid to NEDCAP. Later , after my departure,  systems were installed.
7.Strengthened the Solid waste Management.
8. Training was given on Ayurveda on large scale by Dr.Suresh Jakotia.
9. Awareness programmes were conducted on the care of pregnant women.
10. Yoga training classes were conducted to office staff and Public Health workers.
11. Preventive homeo pills were distributed for mosquitoes borne diseases.
12. Tree plantation was done extensively.

Subsequently,  i started propagating the message by writing the articles in Also I have started a new what’s app group “eco friends group “.The same group is started in telegram.  Later , I thought I should do it with more people and started “eco friends planet Group ” in Facebook.

So, in all the ways, I worked for the wellbeing of the people, which keeps me healthy. Also, to sum up the habits keep me healthy are as follows :
1. Early to bed and early to rise.
2. Drinking water in the morning.
3.Doing yoga.
4. Playing games.
5. Loving every one.
6.Taking timely food and less quantity for more time.
7. Conditioned Response of smiling, when in anger and being lost.
8. Self suggestions to be happy and health.
9.Not using fridge,  owen, A.C,Cooler,etc.
10 . Eating less during the nights and functions.
11. Strict vegetarian habits.
12. Cleaning the bowls immediately after waking up.
13. Taking staple food in the morning.
14. Maintaining many friends.
15. Maintaining equality of beings.
16. Maintaining small desires for me and Big thoughts for our planet.

This, journey will be continued,but happily .As long as one thinks that all his fellow beings should be happy,naturally he will be happy. “Yadbhavam Tatbhavati”. Happiness should come from within. That happiness brings the health. May God bless Us to be happy always.

I conlude by asking you to share this article, if you like it and useful to do the good things.

Life journey of a sick boy Reviewed by on . It is my own story. It illustrates the transformation of sick boy to healthy and hale man. It also elucidate the changing habits helped me to become healthy. I It is my own story. It illustrates the transformation of sick boy to healthy and hale man. It also elucidate the changing habits helped me to become healthy. I Rating: 0

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