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Modern Panchatantra story of fox and deer

Modern Panchatantra story of fox and deer

Once upon a time there was a forest named mandharavathi in the magadha country. There lived a crow and deer befriend and happily.They use to chit chat in the evening hours.
On one day , while the deer was grazing, a fox seen it.Fox thought that it is fattened and would be tasty. At any cost I have eat the meat of this animal. The fox planning so, called the deer, O my friend. The deer angrily asked,”who are you”
Fox said my name is subuddhi.I migrated from the neighbouring forest due to the presence of increased Lions and Tigers.”Do you be friend of mine? “, asked fox to deer.Deer believed the fox and introduced it to the crow.Crow suggested not to believe the unknown and new animals. But, the deer didn’t cared for the words of crow and said in the initial days we are also unknown to eachother.later we become good friends. After making friends, we know whether they are good or bad.It also angrily said that it is not good to doubt the animal, who offered to be our friend
The lessons we can learn here is that friends can be made out of equals .Friends shall not be done out of the traditional enemies. While befriending, it is the duty of the Individual to assess the Quality.
The crow annoyed with the behaviour of the deer.Some days had passed.Deer started spending more time with the fox than with the crow.But, crow has been observing the fox ,in view of the wellbeing of the deer.
On one day, fox lured the deer about eating the maize plants in the near by fields.On hearing about the maize plants, the mouth of the deer was filled with the water and blindly followed the fox to the fields.
Fox offered the deer that to eat the maize plants to your contentment, by standing on the bank of the field.It also assured to obseve if any one is coming to that side.
The Lessons we can learn is that many of us use to cause suffering to our friends.But a true friend always use to be behind us and work for the wellbeing of the friend.Also, problems are Inevitable by accepting for the greedy proposals.
Deer was enjoying the experience of eating the tender leaves and stems of the maize plants. The farmer of that land has laid a net invisibly. Un noticeably, the deer was trapped in the net laid for the purpose. Deer shouted for the help.It asked fox to cutoff the net and save it.
The fox rushed to the deer and said O my dear friend, today is Saturday and I am fasting.During the fasting ,I donot touch the non vegetarian. This net is made up of meet.Hence, I cannot touch this net.The deer was helpless.Fox was awaiting the arrival of the farmer of that land and death of the deer in the hands of the farmer.
The lessons we can learnt is that a selfish fellow seems to be a friend. But, when one person is in troubles, the selfish person exposes his own colours by saying one reason or another. The person who believes the selfish one will be always put to troubles.Believing a selfish person is a mistake and repeatedly believing after troubles is blunder.
On the other hand, the crow was awaiting the arrival of the deer.It doubted whether the cunning fox had  intrigued to cause harm to the deer, as both are left in the afternoon and did not came back even in the late evening. Crow anticipated some trouble for the deer and started searching for it.Crow found the deer entrapped in the maize farm.It landed before the deer and inquired about the things happened. Deer exclaimed and replied the mischief played by the fox.Crow recalled that to not believe the new and unknown persons. Crow explained that fox had planned to eat your meet after you being killed in the hands of the farmer. Deer agreed for the comments made by the crow.
The lessons we can learnt is that true friends always observes the things happening
for the wellbeing of their friends.In difficult times, it is very important to realise that there is a problem and lost the control over the things.
The crow absorved a farmer coming walking to the field from the distance with a wooden stick on his shoulder. To avoid the problem, crow suggested to the deer to stop breathing, as if it is dead.I will act  piercing your eye as if you are dead.The farmer will remove the net and  i will give two warning calls of kav, kav.You escape immediately.
The deer acted as planned and escaped from the the farmer.Farmer was alert and thrown a wooden stick on to the deer.The clever deer escaped from the stick.
In the original panchatantra story, the stick hits the fox and it dies.But, here our story takes a little different turn.Even the fox jumps and survives.
The fox again approaches the deer and explained the inevitability of not touching the net made of meet. It requested the  deer to upkeep him as friend.The deer was slowly melting.But, crow become angry about the behaviour of the deer and warned it not continue the friendship with the cunning fox.The deer requested to forgive the fox.The crow said forgiving applies to  the mistakes made unintentionally. For intentional mistake ,which would have cost your life cannot be forgivable. Crow has given ultimatum to choose between it and fox.Deer had no other way than to choose the life saving crow.
The lessons we can learnt is that cunning people continuously put their efforts till their wish is prevaied.The entrapped persons has to be in trouble. In such circumstances, wise people has to be tough in warning their friends to choose the best way.
The story does not end here. The fox understands that the key of saving lies with the crow.In order to kill the deer, it has to remove the hurdle of the crow.It went to the crow and pleaded for the friendship of it and deer.Crow denied the offer.
In case of the failure the cunning people chooses the way with which the things can be done.Their ultimate objective is get the things done for them.Wise people should be in a position to deny the offers.Otherwise it would trouble them and their friends.
The story does not end here. The fox approched an elephant and requested to recommend for its friendship with crow and deer.It complained that both the crow and deer are denying its friendship without any reason, without explaining the things happened. Elephant suggested to the duo that it is better that every animal should maintain the hormony with another animal and allow friendship with fox.The duo explained the things happened in the past.The elephant become furious and warned the fox to not to behave over smart.
The lesson we can learn from it is that the cunning people approach the higher level persons to get their things done.Here, the wise person should be prepared to give an appropriate and timely reply to save themselves. Otherwise, the wise person will be a prey to the troubles created by the cunning people.
The story does not end here. Now again fox has approached the crow and proposed that we should be friends.It started praising that you are most intelligent and I am too.If we work together, we can make wonders.Crow didn’t accept for the propsal.Finally, after waiting for a few days, fox assured that you are not going to loose any thing out of our friendship. I can’t harm you even.Let us plan and kill the deer. I will offer more amount of flesh, which you can feed it to your community.Listening to this crow was enraged and said what I can answer for killing the deer, which is a long time friend.Also ,I loose my credibility for befriending with you.Any thing lost can be regained. But, regaining the credibility is not an easy thing.
The lesson we can learn is that the cunning people chooses the different ways and revises the proposals and try to convince others that they are going to get the profit.But, in true sense, it is a loss to be sustained. The wise people like crow should be firm to reject propsals from such people in any format.
The story does not end here. Fox wanted to take the help of a bigger animal to kill deer.But, the crow was clever enough to approached the Lion, the king of the forest along with the deer. It explained the maladies in the present forest and previous forest.King assured to protect the duo out of any danger.The duo came out of the den.
The lesson we can learn is that many wicked people involve the highest order of the people by convincing them with cock and bull stories. Most of the officers and leaders believe the person who represents the matter.Believing the wise person after the enquiry is a time taking process. Hence, the wise people should brought their argument to the higher authorities before it is done by cunning people. It is also important to keep an eye on the cunningpeople to assess the things and taking precautionary measures as is the case with the crow.
Story does not end here. The deer was astonished about the information having about the fox.The crow replied that keeping quiet is treated by fox as weakness.After the reproposal ,I went to that forest inhabited by the fox and enquired about it. It was revealed that the mischievous behaviour was performed by the fox in that forest.Deer felt  happy about the cleverness of the crow and appreciated it whole heartedly. It also recognised its ignorance of the accounts taking place.
The lesson we can learn is that in case of extremity in the behaviour of the person, one should verify the antecedents of the that person.
The story does not end here. Deer wanted to take revenge on the fox and to invite fox to the dinner and stab…. it with its sharp horns.But, crow pacified deer not to do so.But, knowing about the killing instinct of the deer ,the fox escaped to another forest.
The story does not end here. The deer infored the crow that the fox escaped to another forest.The crow smiled smartly and said I know it.Actually I informed the fox that you are furious about  it and kill it by inviting it to dinner at any cost through another fox.I was also monitoring what is happening. Deer felt happy about the wisdom of the crow.
The lessons we can learnt is that generally people use to take ferocious decisions out of the anger.Wise people don’t have control over their emotions and used to be blamed by others.But, cunning people control their emotions and act according to the situation. Hence, every one should be careful to handle the cunning persons, as was done by crow.
The crow replied that in the previous forest also, the fox was not set right to some extent, till small animals were revolted against it and complained to that forest king.The deer asked a clarification, whether you replicated the same in our forest.Crow clarified that we require the help of a bigger animal to save us.If we wouldn’t have been approached the Lion and fox would have brought problems to us and even elephant for meddling.The deer nodded its head as a sign of understanding. There after all the animals lived together happily ever after.
The lesson we can learn is that crow not only planned, monitore the things.But, in every occasion it explained its decisions and convinved the deer ,wherever necessary. In case of inevitability, it raised the toned and warned the deer. Even it controlled the emotions of its ignorant partner.It is the true nature of the leader
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