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My experiences with plants

My experiences with plants

After massive plantation in suryapet, I have also taken up plantation in khammam.Thus, I learnt some more things.Once the parks are filled with plants and tree plantation is taken up in open spaces and households and after about one and half years, I observed that honey bees are increased.The Jammibanda tank area alone was abode for more than 5 honey bee hives.Thus, tree plantation increases the bee hives.
I did not allowed the cutting of grass on the edges of road stating reasons that it decreases the direct contact of sun rays with earth, there by decreasing warming.It is also abode of small insects,there by increasing other insect population and birds population. Grass also controls the soil erosion.
As per my observation, the bird population have increased in khammam town after the above initiatives. I also observed eagles in the core city, astonishingly on a cellphone tower.i feel that the tree coverage can reduce the maladies of radiation. I have also seen more number of butterflies.
The addasaram plantation has been taken up massively in the parks and households.It definitely decreased the mosquitoes. As per the information given by Dr.Praveen, an ENT specialist in khammam, one kind of throat infections have come down after addasaram plantation.
After the development of park in the premises of Sthambadri Laxmi narasmhaswamy temple, the flow of devotees have increased to temple.It proved that good environment increases the devotees to the worshiping places.
The hapazard development of medicinal plants in srinivas nagar tank didn’t  attracted the attention of the people.
My earlier experiences in the suryapet was that massive plantation in close vicinity causes the rains.
Trees cutting in road widening in khammam has increased in the temperature.Where as immediate plantation of saplings in huge number didn’t allowed increase in temperature in suryapet.
The catchment area plantation increases the water in the bodies.It is proved in case of saddula cheruvu, when plantation has been done in edga and loyola college surroundings, it rained there and tank was filled.
I have get plantation in the houses near the bank of saddula cheruvu to decrease the evaporation of the water in that tank.I also observed that plants exists on the bank of river Godavari in my native place Khanapur. The trees on river bank  also caused increase in birds population.
The presence of pipal tree in schools,  makes them active and intelligent. It is proved in case of students of MAM school , suryapet, though they are from middle class.
plants can also change the attitude of the people, due to release of oxygen.
Inhaling the air of pipal and neem trees stimulates the inner energies of human beings. While I was in Ramanthapur, I used to go to polytechnic college and did yoga between two pipal trees or one pipal and one neem tree.
If I commit any mistake, I pray to confess it by planting saplings.i feel it is one of the ways of confession.We can seek confession for the mistakes of our ancestors on this basis.
people use to gift the plants instead of a bouquet, if stimulated properly. Suryapet did it.
The sustaining of the plants is based on the usufruct nature of plants, availability of protection and interest shown by the owners of the plants.
The air out of the ayurvedic plants also heals many health ailments. I removed crotans and replaced with addasaram plantation and vattiveru plantation for row plantation. Crotans are vicious plants and don’t have any utilities.
Banana plantation can be used for providing nutrition, mosquitoes control in water logging areas, plastic control by using leaves as an alternative.
In khammam city, I lived in SS towers in VDOs colony . during the rainy days water was overflowing. In order to avoid such problems I planted 4 banana saplings . Only after 3 months time the banana plants were sucking the water from roof of the building measuring about 4000 sft.
Plants can be used as bio fencing chilla kampa or mangali kampa and Gatcha teega are used as bio fencing in Nalgonda district. In Mudigonda mandal of khammam district,  I observed the addasaram and Gorinta plants as bio fencing to houses.
I had observed the teak and toddy trees as bordering plantation between fields.
Bio remediation of  compost yard can be done through the plants. I have got planted more number of plants and kept the emissions within allowed limits.Nalleru (Quadrus Rectangulas) is the special plant planted for the presence of high oxygen quantity.
In suryapet, people believe that aleovera plant protect them from bad forces.prior to my presence 25% of houses kept aloe plant in front of their house.I have arranged for about 25% houses.
In Suryapet, I have taken awareness classes to schools children by visiting at prayer time. During the Amla (usiri) plantation, I explained the advantages of Amla plant and asked the children that who is ready to take up plantation in their house? Only 20% Children raised their hands . Subsequently, I explained that srimaha vishnu lives on the Amla plant.Hence, Goddess Laxmi will visit the house with Amla plant. Again I asked the same question. 90% Children raised their hands to take up amla plantation in their house. It clarify that provoking the sentiment in people increase the tree coverage.
In contrast to above experience there is one other experience I faced in suryapet was that people were reluctant to take up banana plantation in houses, as it is bad omen to visit it. Only after active persuasion, people took up banana plantation in their houses.
Nalgonda district is affected by flourosis problem. What I observed that where trees and plants were existing on the hills, flouride content is less in water.Where tree coverage is less, the flouride content is high.Hence, Government and N.G.Os should plan to plant saplings on the hills.Also pertinent to mention that where the lakes have been existing in the areas of suryapet and Kodad, in such places the flouride content in water is less and flourosis is almost absent.
The drumstick is capable of mitigating the flourosis due to its presence of calcium. Guva does the same due to the presence of magnesium. I have distributed more than 10000 drumstick seedlings , about 1000 guva seedlings in suryapet.
sesame seeds are also calcium rich.
In my childhood I observed very big trees in height and diameter.The fruits generated were also big compared to present fruits. But, presently all the big trees used to be cut down.
In kerala and karnataka, every house leave the open space and accommodate the space for the greenary.It may be one of the reasons for high life expectancy in those two states.
On my way to Jog falls, I observed very big and huge trees in the forest. That means that the people are interested in upkeeping the greenary.
On my way to Ujjain from Bhopal in 2008, widening of  High way was taking place.There were presence of many old trees . Instead of cutting them, abutting agricultural land was acquired to lay the road.Such activity is new to me and appriciated the Shivrajsingh Chauhanji, C.M of M.P for his love on environment.We have to emulate the same in our state also.
On my way to Pondicherry, on the east coast, Government of tamilnadu had took up large scale plantation, after learning the lessons from Tsunami. But, same is abysmal in the coastal areas of a.p.
On my way to Nirmal from Hyderabad on N.H -7, I observed that cool climate was existing after completing the block plantation and plantation in dividers. The journey was very pleasant.
The temperature in the Adilabad has increased in the recent past. It is due to cutting of trees on the hill areas .Some sections of the society depends on the selling of logs.They sell it to the anti social elements, who are influential and sell them at high price. Unless the tree cutting sections are controlled, it not possible to maintain the forest coverage . Government has to think to provide alternative employement to such sections.
In my adolescent age I observed that lily (malle) gives the aroma at once at  the same time in all the days, may be due to the biological clock system in the plants.
Plants may recognise who is good or bad, as saplings sustains, when planted by certain persons. Where as plant won’t live, when planted by some people. In olden days plantation was got done by certain pious and specific persons only.
Since childhood ,I follow one planting process.I dig the hole as per the height of the plants and put the plant in it.later the soil is put and pressed with my foot on the side and allow the middle to be little loose.some soil will be left intentionally for percolation of water.later water will be poured.The sustainability of plants has been very high.It is also a very good Rain water harvesting techniques.
If any of the readers like these initiatives, they can take up the same for the well being of the environment and ask their friends to do the same.

My experiences with plants Reviewed by on . After massive plantation in suryapet, I have also taken up plantation in khammam.Thus, I learnt some more things.Once the parks are filled with plants and tree After massive plantation in suryapet, I have also taken up plantation in khammam.Thus, I learnt some more things.Once the parks are filled with plants and tree Rating: 0

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