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Outstanding contribution of Adilabad to India &World

Outstanding contribution of Adilabad to India &World

The ancient traces of history from jurrasic period was found in many places like utnoor and interior areas of chennur taluqa, , mancheryal and khanapur taluqas.also traces of neolithic period is also unearthed here.
It is one of the district having sites of all the phases(stone age, mesolithic and neolithic) of pre-history.Also proto-historic sites are also found.It enabled the historians to construct the history in a systematic way.

Early rule of shatavahanas started from the luxettipet area, as per the historians.This famous dynasty of telugu people had gifted many advantages by Ruling all over India for some time.Kotilingala , an ancient capital of shatavahanas is also very nearest place to Adilabad district.
The achievements of shatavahanas includes well established Administration., flourishing internal and external trade,Literary development, uniting the telugu people under one roof and also unitingIndia, defeating the foriegn invaders, religious development.
The coins of shatavahanas reveals various aspects include their victories over other kings,flourishing economy, foriegn trade, standardised systems, etc.The insciptions reveals the greatness of the kings, territories of Rule, Administration, etc.

     The literary development includes katantra vyakaranam by shvaravarma, Gatasaptashathi compiled by Hala (shatavahana king),Brihatkatha by Gunadya, written In paishachi language.out of above, katantra vyakarana is the earliest book on sanskrit grammer.Gatasaptashati is a book on compilation of stories, which is a pioneer in the story literature of the world and emulated by many languages.Brihathkatha was a great book written in the local language for first time other than sanskrit.It caused for the development of local languages and literature in local languages. 
Yagnasri shatakarni, a shatavahana king was contemporary to Acharya Nagarjuna, a famous Buddhist scholar.Nagarjuna wrote a letter by name Sruhallekha to Yagnasri.Yagnasri is believed to be helped the Nagarjuna to carryout his activities. Thus, contribution was made for the scientific, litarary, religious development , which reached to many lands of world.

Vatsayana wote Kamasutra during this period and mentioned a shatavahana king kunthala shatakarni. It is a famous book on sexology, translated to many languages of the world.
A famous Buddhist scholar worth mentioning of this distric is Bavari maharushi.He was a kosalan vedic scholar settled in the Island near Khanapur of Adilabad district and later converted to Buddhism.He established a Buddhist monastery.He was also mentioned by a Buddhist scripture suttanipitika.Many people from India had educated at this place, presently , this Island is named and known as Badankurthi on his name. Also, Buddhism has spread to foriegn lands from this Island.The river Godhavari connected this district people to foriegn lands through river and sea navigation.
The famous marriage of shatavahana king Hala and Srilankan princess Lilavathi is believed to be occured near Badankurthi. It is also known as saptha godavari region mentioned in the ancient books.A Buddhist monastery at this place of shatavahana period is also unearthed here. Thus, Badankurthi has contributed for the educational and religious development in Indian lands and foriegn lands too.
Badankurthi is also famous for Dattatreya temple, which is a very rarest of its is also famous for Agricultural and milk production.It is in a very strategic location and three districts namely Adilabad, karimnagar and Nizamabad can be easily accessed from here.
Thus , shatavahana kings , who hailed from Adilabad district has contributed directly and indirectly to the India and world.
In the ancient period lord Rama and seetha is believed to be visited Basara.Basara has got its name from Vyasa maharushi. (old name of Basara was Vyasara).Vyasa is believed to be visited Basara to confess his Dosha (mistake) done at kashi.He established ashram here on the Bank of River Godavari. Presently, temple is existing for Vysarushi.

Basar is famous for having Rarest Saraswathi matha temple.Many people through out the country visits this place.Aksharabyasam (learning the first alphabet ceremony)is the principle ritual that takes place in the temple.
The river Godavari enters in Andhrapradesh at Basar.River Godavari is the longest river of Andhrapradesh. In quantity wise also it stands first.This river has been the reason for continued and assured food production in the state of Andhrapradesh.
 It is also believed that there is under ground water connection was existing from river Godavari to koneru of the temple, so as to fill it for the convenience of the devotees. It reveals the scientific advancement prevailing in those days in the district.
Jainadh is also a famous jain and Hindhu centre of ancient period.the temple of Jainadh was built during Chalukya was built with black sand is architecturally very beautiful.There are many inscriptions are existing on the walls of this temple.A very beautiful koneru (temple tank) was constructed. It has beautified the location of temple.presently, the tank is in ruins.Temple was earlier known as Suryanarayana temple.presently, it is known as laxminarayana temple. Here,  satyanarayana swami pujas use to take place on every full moon atteacts the devotees from various surrounding states.It is a belief that all the wishes are fulfilled, if it is prayed in tlaxminarayana swami temple.Sun rays would fall on the diety directly on two perticular days in a year.
It  reveals the  scientific advancement of  ancient indian sculptures.
It is also believed that the mythological Parushurama is believed to be visited the Papahareshwara temple at kadile near Nirmal.There exists a beautiful Nandi in that shiva temple.It is one of the earliest nandi idol in India.
Bhainsa is also another centre of Buddhist is believed that Mahishasaka sect was prevailing in the olden days. It is also a Hindhu centre.Mahisasuramardhini is believed to had killed the demon Mahishasura.The legs of Mahishasura is still lying near the filterbeds at Mysammagutta, Bhainsa.There is an ancient shiva temple is existing in bhainsa on the bank of a tank.
The nimma nayaka kings built the wonderful forts in and around the nirmal town.They had brought people from other places for the purpose of construction. 

The chain of tank system is a wonderful innovation of Nirmal kings.Its catchment area is from the Mahaboobghat on the sahyadri hills and about 13km away from the main town.The cyphons were used to control the flow of water to different tanks.The scientific advancement in connecting water tanks and diverting water is highly applaudable and a book can be written on this single subject.The connected tanks are Bangalpet tank, Ramraobagh tank, kurannapet tank, manjulapur tank, alur tank, etc.Finally the excess water disposses into the swarna river
.The advantages of this system is that catchment area is extended, water storage capacity increased there by ground water table increased,Agricultural , flora and fauna development took  place,floods can be controlled and wastage of water is controlled.
The nizam period has witnessed the development of infrastucure to certain extent.soan bridge was constructed over the river Godavari. It was the one the earliest bridges in India. He also constructed a barrage at sadarmat on river Godavari. It has icreased the food production in the area, leading to food security.
The great KomaramBheem fought against the oppression of rights of the tribals.This has brought geeat change in the attittude in the rulers.They have appointed Hymendwarf, a great sociologist to study the lives of tribals.The extensive studies has brought many facts in to the light.These recommendations have become torchbearers in dealing with the tribal communities in other parts of British India.
On the otherhand, komaramBheem has become a god to all the tribals. He is seen as the pioneer to the telangana activists.His birth anniversary attracts many people from different parts of country.

During the Bangladesh war, Adilabad district had provided the shelter for immigrants and provided all fecilities at Isgoan near Kagaznagar.

Adilabad district is synonymous for the forests.about 43% of land is occupied by forest.The greatest contribution of this district is Bio diversity in flora and fauna. There are many types of spices are existing in the forests.The forest is source of rains and rivers.The kaddam river  and peddavagu born in this district.The forest wealth has been attracting many tribals to adilabad district. Alot of timber has been generated in Adilabad district and exported to India and world.The forest biproducts such as honey, beedi leaves, paper is also exported to many parts of India and world.
The forest timber and vast lands in  the district enabled to established the Sirpur Khagaznagar paper mill by private enterprenuer.It has also created employement to the people of various places in India, leading to multi lingual , multi cultured town of Khagaznagar.
The rivers and rivulets flowing from this districts are Godavari,Penganga, Wardha, kaddam, peddavagu, swarna, suddhavagu, satnala and pranahitha, etc.SRSP is on river Godavari. Gaddena vagu project is on Suddhavagu. Swarna project is on swarna river. Kaddam project is on kaddam river.These projects, rivers and rivulets flowing from Adilabad district catches much waters from this district and cause for the Agricultural development in the state of Andhrapradesh. Due to this state of Andhrapradesh has been catering the food needs of the India.
The rivulets flowing from this district has caused  waterfalls. The kuntala waterfall is the heighst waterfall in the state of Andhrapradesh and attracts many tourists from different parts of India. The pochera waterfall is also existing in this district.
Due to the presence of water resources, Adilabad district exports the Vegetable and rice to the adjoining states.Thus, assuring the food security of other states also.

The natural resources available in the district are coal, iron and limestone. The coal is being excavated by singareni collaries Ltd.This coal is source for thermal power plants.The state of Andhrapradesh is mostly dependant on thermal energy for its energy needs, for which the Adilabad district coal is the major source.It had also created the largescale employement.Many people from all over India had migrated to coalbelt areas. The towns in coalbelt areas consists of cosmopolitan culture, due to this reason. The reason for early Urbanisation in the district of Adilabad can be attributed to the presence of coalmines.
The presence of limestone has lead to establishment of cement factories in the mancheryal had also created employement in small scale. These factories have been instument in development of infrastucure in through out India.
The diversified human resources are also an asset of the District. It is a hub for Many tribal groups. It reveals the amalgamation of many groups peacefully.The tribal groups living in the district includes Gondi, kolami, Nayakdi, Sugali (lambada), etc.
Adilabad district is a Multi lingual district. Educated people speak telugu, hindhi and english.Many people in Mudhole taluqa, Asifabad and sirpur taluqa speaks in marathi.Most of the muslims and countable number Hindhus speaks in Urdu.Major urdu speaking people are in Adilabad, Bhainsa, Khanapur, mancheryal and Khagaznagar. Lambada people speak in their own lambada language.Gonds speaks in Gondi and kolams speaks in Kolami language. Naikdis have their own Naikdi language.In the cosmopolitan towns of mancheryal, Ballepally, kagaznagar, and Bhainsa marwari language is spoken.
The development of National Highway No.7 , which is passing through this district, had also taught many lessons in terms of infrastucure development, land acquisition, revenue recovery, etc.It has become a pioneer to other road development projects.

Nirmal toys and paintings are very unique in nature.Artisans makes these toys and paintings with poniki wood available in the forests of Adilabad district. The articrafts are exported to many countries also.The paintings includes the Gods and Goddesses such as Radhakrishna, laxmidevi, Saraswathi,Shiva, vishnu, etc.Also the natural scenes like rural women, gopika, forest, forts, etc.are depicted. They manufactures the toys like tiger, crane, hen, cock, russian toys, etc.
Adilabad district was boarder of warangal kingdom during the kakatiyas. The Delhi kings invading the kakatiya kingdom has to pass through the Khagaznagar in Adilabad district. When the boarders were protected in Adilabad district, kakatiyas used to prepare for the war.When borders were neglected, it use to be easy for Delhi rulers to defeat the warangal kings.When Tughlaq launched his final attack, there were not even five soldiers were present in Kagaznagar area.Thus, Adilabad district acted as strategic point in the history of medieval India.

Moist struggle in Adilabad district has taught many lessons.It took voilent form for the first time in tapalpur.The incidents of Alampally and Rajura blasting took place.Government had recognised it as a socio economic problem also.The safety measures of gaurding police stations were implementated in the district. The same was emulated by other districts and states.It also resulted to migrations of upper class and caste people to urban areas leading to mitigating the inequalities.Govt recognised the need of developing the infrastucure in the moist affected areas and backward regions.A scheme by name BRGF is also formulated for development of Backward regions.Many new jobs were given to tribals to amalgamate them in to main stream.Many new hostels were established for the educational development of tribals, scheduled castes and Backward classes, leading to educational development in the district.
In the ancient daysInternal and external trade through river Godavari was carried out.There are historical evidences for it.Meghasthanese mentioned about Kotilingala fort.It may be also a port town in ancient days.All the commerce of Adilabad use to take place through this port.People of Kotilingala , chennur, jannaram, etc.had established settlements in other districts. There is one Kotilingala revu in Rajahmundry is the evidence for the flourishing commercial relations from Adilabad district to that place. (for details read my other blog Ancient commercial relations of Adilabad and karimnagar via khammam). Thus, Adilabad district had exported many materials to other parts of the state and to foriegn lands too.

Adilabad watersupply scheme from Mavala is worth mentioning because it runs on gravity, without the use 7of energy for pumping.It had become an citation to prepare project report to prepare water supply schemes to run on gravity to save alot of energy and there by cutting the costs of manufacturing potable water
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Outstanding contribution of Adilabad to India &World Reviewed by on . The ancient traces of history from jurrasic period was found in many places like utnoor and interior areas of chennur taluqa, , mancheryal and khanapur taluqas. The ancient traces of history from jurrasic period was found in many places like utnoor and interior areas of chennur taluqa, , mancheryal and khanapur taluqas. Rating: 0

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