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Story : man, environment and thrimurthies.

Story : man, environment and thrimurthies.

Man ,Environment and Trimurthies All the Gods and Goddesses are meeting in Devaloka. Trimurthies are also available in the meeting. There were serious discussions on various issues. All of a sudden a human being entered in to the meeting. He started shouting that Gods and Trimurthies are not performing their duties. As a result, human beings are facing a lot of trouble. All the Gods are astonished for levelling such charges.

Indra have become furious. Brahma consoled him. Brahma asked the human being, what are your charges on these Gods my son?

1. The Vayu God is not providing the pure air. The flow of air is also not good on oceans .That’s why cyclones have become common.

2. Agni God is also not performing his duties well. He is burning the forests as per his wish. He is erupting out of the mountains even from the cold regions.

3. The Rain God Indra is not performing well.The rains are not up to the quantity. The rains are causing floods.They are also not in time. Hence, the availability of food had decreased. Drought conditions are prevailing in many places on the earth.

4. The Water God Varuna is not providing the quality of water. Most of the waters are in oceans and seas,making them useless for human kind.

5. The River Goddess Ganga. Many rivers are polluted.They are not cleansed.Hence, people not getting drinking water. We have to buy the waters

6. The Earth Goddess Bhumatha is suffering. She is unable feed all her children. Almost 100 crore people are taking food for one time in a day.

7. Health God Dhanwanthari is unable to cure the diseases. Many people are ailing. Urban life is miserable. 20% people are diabetic. 33% people have respiratory problems. About 25% have spectacles. Other problems are innumerable.

8. Herbal plants Gods Ashwinis are unable to protect the herbal plants. Many of the plants are at the verge of extinction.

9. Forest Goddess Vana Devatha is not taking care to protect her own kingdom. Many countries don’t have 33% of forest coverage. Many animal spices are extincted.

10. Sun God is not generous. There is scorching heat on the earth. People are unable to get water . dehydration has become common. Many maladies are happening.
O  God Brahma ! You are the creator. You are creating the innumerable number of human beings for one compulsion or other. Many other flora and fauna are not florishing. Your negligence led to lack of equilibrium on the earth.

11. O God Vishnu ! You are the protector. But, now nobody is protected. There are many calamities. There floods, droughts, earthquakes, tsunami and eruption of valcanoes. Thousands of people are continuing to die. Season are unexpected. About 250 crore people are lacking the drinking water.more than that people have houses. The air quality are degrading. About 50% people in poor countries are anemic. There is no social justice. There are quarrels on the basis of religion, caste, region and regard less of reasons. A few people are leading the resources. People are waiting for your another incarnation on the earth . Despite of unprotected conditions, you are not responding Vishnu deva.

12. God Maheshwara ! You are the Destroyer. When there is anarchy, you raise to the occasion. You are protector of animals. But, evil is spreading. You are not punishing the erring people. Some people are more powerful than Ravana and Basmasura together. They are destroying the resources.

Man has stopped for a while. Brahma asked him, my child whether all your allegations are over? Nodded the man. Now , tell me the solutions and what best we can do to set right the situation. Man argued that there also some solutions in his argument.

Brahma looked at Vishnu to give the solutions and argue on behalf of the Gods. Vishnu started his argument. My son , Brahma created this wonderful earth with all the flora and fauna. About 66% was the forest coverage. Your ancestors use to live on the trees. They did not cut the trees. They have grown them till your industrial revolution. They loved the other animals. They use to travel hundreds of kilometres on their foot. Now your people are unable to walk for a kilometre.You depend on vehicles and fossil fuels. You are grown intelligent. But, not using the Renewable energies extensively. Subsequently, you drained the resources and polluted mother earth like never before. Earning money has become the primary motto. Money is after all a tool created for yourself. But, miserably you have become slave to it. Further, you increased the use of artificial products. For example, you started using the chlorofluorocarbons. They absorb the heat continuously for years. Thus, climate change has started. You recall, the houses were constructed with soil and lime. They were cool and there was no environmental degradation. Now, you are using the sand and cement. As the consumption increased, the pattern of flowing of water has changed. It is leading to floods or droughts. Greed of your fellow beings for construction of more number of houses with cement and sand is reason for absorption of heat.

On the other hand , Your people started cutting plants and trees for expansion of your massive industries and commercial areas. They are drainig the resources. Earlier, local industries were encouraged. Self sustainability was encouraged. Now , material started transported to thousands of kilometres. With the greed and ignorance, your people ignored the traditional way of living. Your people thought this as superstitious. You massively killed the cows, without knowing its greatness . Individual festivals are celebrated prominently. The Indian festivals are celebrated with an intention to protect the environment and to adapt the humans to the changing seasons. But, some of you thought that the festivals are superstitious. Instead of searching for the rationale behind the festivals, you termed it as irrational.

The greed, over exploitation, over exploration, not protecting resources, not utilising the resources optimally, no environmental conciousness of human race are the reason for the calamities. Gods have taken given you the most beautiful land to live. But, humans spoiled them.

Human intervened and asked o vishnu! is not it your duty to make the things better? There was a lot of resentment for the reaction of human. All the Gods attacked him with words that action of human race is the reason for the problems on the earth and blaming others.

Parameshwara asked the human about the action taken to mitigate the problems of the earth. The human kept quiet. Parameshwara explained that except a few persons and leaders, nobody is worried about the environment. Human is not realising that theyare part of environment. There lies the problem. Parameshwara also told that time gone is gone. No one can’t retrieve it back.Let us concentrate on the mitigation activities. Human and all the Gods nodded their heads in approval.

Parameshwa continued , Children can make wonders.We should inculcate the environmental knowledge in them. We have to include in their curriculum. They will be our future soldiers.

Mother earth has yelled that present situation is out of control. Trimurthies have to take action to save me. Vishnu consoled her. Parameshwar said to Bhumatha that your agony is recognised. The problem is with human beings. Unless they are realised the problem remains same. Narada replied that most of the humans are governed by the Democratic system. Many of them have autocratic system. Let us ask the people to elect their leaders, who work for the well being of the environment. Yama intervened and asked for the amendments for punishments for environmental degradation.

Parameshwara clarified that positive energies will work at this juncture. Many people work for the incentive. Though we tighten the rules, we prefer the incentives.

Parameshwara ordered Indra to dilute the rules of attaining the swarga. Narada clarified to the Parameshwara that on planting and protecting pancha maha vrukshas, man can attain the swarga. Parameshwara told to Narada that tree plantation was the way of protecting the environment and Bhumatha. Now, resources conservation and use of Renewable energies, family planning , simple lifestyle, Vegetarianism, etc. are also contributing for protecting environment.

Hence, these categories also should get opportunity for attaining swarga. All the Gods and human unanimously agreed for it.

Parameshwara looked at all other Gods for any suggestions. Dhanwanthari and Ashwini brothers told the Lord that Herbal plants gives more oxygen and stops the chemicals production. Hence, require order for its protection and propagation. Shiva agreed for it. Shiva ordered Human to take care of it. Vana Devatha asked Parameshwara to control the forest fires immediately, otherwise it leads to further environmental degradation. Parameshwara asked Varuna to be present in the forest to decrease the temperatures, otherwise it would the reason for fires in forest. Shiva also asked Indra to be liberal in giving the rain to feed the tanks in the forest. I dra complained that due to hunting, birds have decreased. Earlier, they were natural carriers of seeds and increase in green cover. Shiva ordered Human race not to kill the Birds. Similarly, Parameshwara banned the exploitation of sand and Tree cutting. He declaed that misusers of sand, water, electricity, and fuel ,tree cutters will attain Naraka and seviourly punished.

Brahma has declared the conclusion of the meeting. Human was asked to initiate all the environmental protection measures at his level and got assurance of safety from Gods. Human left the Devaloka with happiness and responsibility.

Story : man, environment and thrimurthies. Reviewed by on . Man ,Environment and Trimurthies All the Gods and Goddesses are meeting in Devaloka. Trimurthies are also available in the meeting. There were serious discussio Man ,Environment and Trimurthies All the Gods and Goddesses are meeting in Devaloka. Trimurthies are also available in the meeting. There were serious discussio Rating: 0

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