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Role of Ayurveda in making Golden Telangana

Role of Ayurved in Making of Golden Telangana.

Dr Suresh Jakotia has written this article of Role of Ayurved in Making of Golden Telangana.I have added a few points. Enjoy reading.

Though there are teething problems for starters Our History and Culture will guide and give us enough strength to making of Golden Telangana like simple remedies can cure chronic disease.

Development is not only Financial but also the Happiness Index of the society.Which can be easily achieved throgh the dictum- Sarve bhavantu sukhinah.Sarve santu niramaya. Sarve bhadrani pashyantu.Ma kaschid dukha bhag bhavet.  A historical story of Samudra Manthan is known to all where Devas and Asuras struggle to get the Amrutha of Immortality,but while doing so they had to face the Haalahal followed by Seventeen other Ratnas like Lakshmi,Rambha,Varuni,Kamadhenu,Airavata,Uchasrava,Kaustubha,Kalpa vruksha,Bow,Chandra,Shankha,Dhanvantari and Amruta lastly.

In the same the present scenario of the problems faced by the world is going beyond the control of human civilization and is very threatning.At this juncture we can use the knowledge of Ayurved and other allied traditional knowledge systems to overcome this disaster to become sustainable and for the well being of our society.

Harithaharam, flagship programme of the telangana can be used to increase the number of herbal plants in each households . Herbal parks can be established in all urban areas. This will bring wellness among the people of the telangana. Herbal plants can be also used for creating the livelihoods among the rural poor. All the hills and fallow lands can be afforestated with herbal plants and processing should be taught to the poor people. Sowing/ plantation of saplings, Protection of plants and watering of them can be taken up under MGNREGS or SERP schemes.

The mosquitoes borne diseases can be controlled easily by the propogation of Addasaram plantation, especially in tribal areas. The Infant Mortality Ratio and Maternal mortality Ratio can be decreased by using the plants of shatavari and Ashwagandha. On rearing of the herbal plants on large scale , we can make telangana capital of herbal plants.

We bring your kind attention towards the “Pot Economics”-The Kumbha Artha Shastra where without any financial burdens the economy rolls on,like if the society starts using Earthen pots for daily use the Potter starts removing the silt from lakes to make pots, by doing so water is stored in lakes.Which in turn restores the Water table of villages, fields get water,animals get fodder,people get ample work and occupation,women get easy access to water,fisherman gets fish, farmer gets enough water for crop ,nature enjoys and thus the whole vilage is benefitted similarily if Ayurved and other Traditional Knowledge systems are encouraged the Socity will prosper without extra burden

Dr Suresh Jakotia: Ayurved and Agriculture What role Ayurved can play in Agriculture ? Ayurved has a branch Vrukshayurved which deals with health of Plants. Ayurved says “Sarva roga hari kshudha”.A good appetite of food relieves all diseases. Hence food is the pillar of good health. At present due to proportionate increase of food production to population use of Lots of chemical fertilizers and pesticides are the main culprits of causing incurable diseases like Cancer etc .

Hence now every one is reverting back to traditional agriculture methods of organic cultivation.  Ayurved says “Pprakrutim abhikshanam smaret. “-Remember nature always. Cow based agriculture is gaining ground.Panchgavya with many herbs like Neem,Nirgundi,Capsicum,Sitaphal,Kanuga,Vacha,Banti,Ganneru,Dhatura,Tobacco,Papaya,etc are being used with dramatic results .This has to be propagated at grass root levels to increase health of produce and humans ultimately. Many Patents have been registered by us for Gomutra based bio enhancers in soil fertility ,pesticide effects of neem etc.

Organic Farmers can also reap the benefit of additional income through weeds which have medicinal values.  Dr Suresh Jakotia: Come Let us all join hands and start eating millets for our health and thus be a part in conserving nature for the next generation.

Dr Suresh Jakotia: Food Industry Ayurved says Foods which are locally available should be eaten for good health “Yasya desha prasutasya tachan tad aaharam hitam” Telangana food is basically Millet based.Millets like Jowar ,Bajra,Sama rice,Arika rice,Korra or fox tail millet ,Tydalu or Ragi,Variga rice,etc were once the staple food of ours . We now think eating Rice or paddy as sophistcated or posh lifestyle habit,but Scientific Research is proving that eating white polished rice is the culprit of many Life Style diseases like Diabetes,Hypertension orBP, Arthritis,Deficieny in multilevels of Micro nutrients.  Moreover our Millets are rainfed and help our farmers to prosper as they need less fertilizers etc and have more nutriton values.

where as Rice cultivation is exploiting our water resources and its consumption made Our City Hyderabad The Diabetic Capital of India for which we should take care about our future generations. We can control the diabetes with the plants of Amla, tippa teega and Ranapala, etc. Water Coservation Ayurved says “Paaniyam Praninam Pranam! Vishwameva cha Tanmaya”.

Water is the life force without which neither healthy nor unhealthy survives. Rainwater is the purest form of water.This will solve the water problem of Telangana if we all start harvesting and conserving rain water for our selves and Mother Earth. In the conservation of the tanks under Mission Kakatiya , ayurvedic plants can be used. Catchment area plantation increases the rains. The water evaporation of the water of tanks can be decreased by planting the Ayurvedic plants such as Arjuna, neem and pipal. These plants also controls the siltation of tanks.

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