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British legacy

British left us in 1947. But, their legacy is still lingering in the attittude of Indians. Slavery is attittude of Indians in many respects.The socio-economic ,cultural and Administrative aspects of legacy is here under.

1. Divide and Rule : British tried to divide Indians on the basis of caste, creed, region and tribe. They have given political reservations on the basis of above aspects. They believed that they are superior than Indians.

no leader or officer never tried to vanish the caste system in our country. Interestingly, our public representatives are elected on the basis of caste , creed and region. Most of the people even vote on these parameters rather than evaluating efficiency of the persons. Most of our leaders try to divide on the basis of many parameters, more than British.

The suffixes and prefixes indicating the caste name shall be to removed from the names of the people to ensure equal treatment to all human beings and vanish caste division.

Astonishingly, a few countries try to influence the people of India on the basis of religion.

2. Language : The English speaking people were most respected. They were given the jobs. They were mediators between rulers and ruled.
Even today, native languages are not developed. English speaking people are not only respected , but also native languages speaking people are undermined and often insulted. Most of the private jobs are given to the English knowing people.
Post – computerization, the situations of use of English have enormously increased. It lead to disparities between English knowing urban and English unknown rural youth.

Hence, priority to English is continued as British legacy, even where it is not necessary.

3. Free gifts : British introduced the tea, cigarettes, etc. In the initial days of introduction, they gave it freely or at low cost.
Even on today, the multinational companies are offering the free gifts and vochures and getting us habituated to the new and useless products.
In this process, the native companies are forced to close their business. Subsequently, MNCs increase the prices.
Hence, the free gifts to close down Indian firms, companies has been continuing prior to Independence as British legacy.

4. Business :
British forced the purchase of raw materials at low cost to them.They sold their processed goods at higher rates.
Even now also the companies are forcing the farmers to sell their produces at low cost. Indians are forced to buy modern gadgets at very high cost.
The foriegn currencies are always sky rocketing to the advantage of foreigners. The Balance of trade is always in favour of foreigners. The Indian currency is always tend to be devalued, even worst than British period.
We always buy what’s disadvantaged to us. We continue to buy petrochemical products instead of using solar energy. We buy the chemical fertilizers and pesticides, even when natural ones are available. Earlier, we were forced with power under British regime. Now, we are decieved with advertising techniques, packing, free gifts, shopping malls.

Already the monopoly in many businesses have been started. Earlier, the hands of the weavers were cut down to decrease the competition to the modern textiles of British. Now, petty vendors and small& medium Industialists are denied the equal opportunity. MNCs are creating many hinderances.

Many MNCs are claiming that their products consists of neem, aloe, turmeric, cucumber, charcoal. We never think the advantages of using them directly. Such is our foolishness.

5. Police : police were used by British to control the freedom fighters. They caused intimidation in the minds of people.
Even now, if not all, many people still feel insecured in presence of police, even though they don’t commit mistake.

A few officers are encouraging friendly policing, Responsive policing and maitri groups,etc. These are all dismantles the British legacy.

6. Executive : British officers always maintained the supremacy over their staff. They never felt that they are equal to native employees.
It is not totally different in the present circumstances. A section of superior officers feels that they are super humans. Some departments never respond to the desires, aspirations of the common man . They forget that the salaries are given out of the hard earned money of poor.

7. Judiciary : The only will of the British judiciary was to oppress the Indian freedom fighters and to dismantle the Indian village panchayats.

Many laws are of British period. They required to be amended. The ray of hope in difficult situation is judiciary. It has shown activism many times.

8. Education : The intention of the Macaulay system of British system of education is to generate the clerks to work at low wages. It also intended to generate educated youth, who are Indian in blood and British in ideology.
Even now , except a few, many people are tools in the hands of multinational companies. Many people prefer to migrate to foriegn countries.
Education system is preferring to generate engineers without skills, who are only able to do outsourcing works. The persons of high calibre are working for multinational companies or foriegn lands. It intends to generate sales representatives, supervisors but not independent entrepreneurs, researchers, etc.

9.Scientific development : Our scientific development is always hindered. The GSLV technology was hindered to India since last 10 years. West always want us to depend on them.
Our atmomic energy programmes are also hindered.

Scientists are also don’t go for independent research. A few people got commendable success. Our researchers get meagre assistance from Government. Also, number of research fecilities are also meagre.
All the cream of India is educated with the public money in IITs and serve either foreign countries or Multinational companies. What a neo slavery is it?

10. Festivals : Indian festivals are designed and celebrated to fulfil the physical, mental , environmental and spiritual feelings of the people. What are the activities and food intake are also clearly defined.
Western people give priorities to the Birth days , new year, father’s day, mother’s day, Valentine’s day, etc. Obsolutely no meaning in Indian context. Our mothers and fathers always live with us. Visiting them arise in west. Their mode of celebrating is polluting environment. India celebrates to protect environment.

Many Indian slaves are trying to emulate the meaning less western culture by celebrating birthdays pompously.

11. Agriculture : purchase of raw goods at lower prices and commercialization of agriculture was the main aim of the British.

Presently, input costs of agriculture has enormously increased. The fertilizers, pesticides are forcefully imposed. Invariably the farmer is forced to commercial crops to tide over the input costs.
The only solace is that the present
Governments gives loans and cancells the repayments.

British legacy Reviewed by on . British left us in 1947. But, their legacy is still lingering in the attittude of Indians. Slavery is attittude of Indians in many respects.The socio-economic , British left us in 1947. But, their legacy is still lingering in the attittude of Indians. Slavery is attittude of Indians in many respects.The socio-economic , Rating: 0
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