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Forgotten sculpture of polavasa -4

Kannada inscription

Kannada inscription

The photos showing the sculpture and its beauty is self explanatory. Some of the sculpture like Nandi and Saptha mathruka are kept inside the Polaseswara swamy temple. The total polaseswara temple is made up of stone. Here we do not find much architectural beauty. The temple architecture resembles the architecture of Maharastra,as polasa kings were dissents of Rastrakutas,as they bear the titles Lattaluru puravaradhisvara, Srikesavadevadivya Sripadapadmaradhaka etc.

The sculptures/idols kept out side the temple are in black stone. It clearly indicates that there would have been another temple made with the black granite, which is the typical feature of the kakatiya period.On priest at the temple explained that Nandi was unearthed during the excavations made for construction of a temple. It clearly reveals that there would have been other temples were existing.There is need of taking call by Archaeology department for carrying out the excavations.
The various Naga idols attract our attention, though decay in idols can be observed. it also reveals the importance of Nagas in the polavasa kingdom.It is pertinent to mention that as per to the Govindapuram inscription polavasa kings belong to the family of the mythical personage, Madhavavarman of Maninagapura who obtained royal fortunes by the grace of Yakshini, a Jaina goddess. It would have the reason for the multiple idols of the nagas.

The uniqueness of the sculpture kept out side the temple of the polaseswara swamy is that all the woman idols holds the weapons in their hands.It reveals the Social conditions of the polavasa kingdom. In the later days , the women actively participated in the wars is typical feature of Telangana area. In one women idol she is tall, holding weapons in two hands and protecting another women in ‘sharana posture’.One woman sculpture with weapons in two hands is also available.One woman idol is holding sword in one hand and sheild .She is unusually tall and protecting a short women in ‘sharanagathi’ posture. The sculpture of tall women is clearly carved,as the necklace,earrings,bangles and short knife at hip are visible.Here hair is tied in knot.

The broken saptha Matruka tablet carries only 4 Mother Goddess carvings full saptha matruka tablet is erected inside the polaseswara swamy temple.But, it is coloured with saffron colour.

The inscription is protected and kept out side the Polaseswara temple. It is possibly in kannada language.It is slowly decaying.It consists of sun,moon and shiva linga in upper portion of the inscription. Animals can be also seen on the upper portion of the inscription.It is not certain whether this inscription is deciphered or not. But, i am sure that bringing the history of polavasa to the light will glorify the history of Telangana.

In another sculpture, two women are fighting each other , while riding on the horses.This brings our attention to the point that women may be part of cavalry during the polavasa period.We can find shiva linga in the upper portion of the sculpture.

The sculpture of Mother Goddesses at yellamma temple attracts us. The sculpture are beautifully carved on black granite.Goddesses mostly hold the weapons in their hand.

I once again feel that there is urgent need to unearth the wonderful sculpture of polavasa and protecting them properly.The Archaeological department has to take a call on this.

Forgotten sculpture of polavasa -4 Reviewed by on . [caption id="attachment_1197" align="alignnone" width="201"] Kannada inscription[/caption] The photos showing the sculpture and its beauty is self explanatory. [caption id="attachment_1197" align="alignnone" width="201"] Kannada inscription[/caption] The photos showing the sculpture and its beauty is self explanatory. Rating: 0
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