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Enviro-fantasy story

Snake and Shiva, the Municipal Commissioner

Shiva is selected as Municipal Commissioner in the Group-2 examination. Subsequent to his training, he was posted as a Municipal Commissioner in Bhainsa, a remote Nagar panchayat, in the border of Maharashtra. Most of the people here speak in Urdu and Marathi. Only 25% people speak in Telugu.
He started residing in the municipal commissioner’s quarter at water treatment plant in Nai abadi. It is located on a hill like place filled with many plants and bushes in the surrounding areas.
Shiva is a devotee of Lord shiva and environment loving person. Days are passing. He was busy in his scheduled work. He uses to roam around the quarter on bare foot. Water supply workers warned him that there are serpents existing in the surroundings, including an age old serpent of about 100 years. Hence, requested him not to move out bare footed.
On one day early morning shiva moved out of his quater at about 5 a.m. Nobody was in the vicinity. He wants to pick up his scooter after closing the gate,he observed a snake. He bewildered and searched for a stick. He picked up a stick instantaneously and about to hit the snake. Astonishingly, snake started talking to him that shiva why are you trying to hit me? He was at stand still and answered that you are a snake , you may bite me. snake laughed at him and said i am not in a biting stance. How can you expect me to bite you are any one.
Shiva wantonly said you have come to my place and caused fear to me. I have done it out of fear. Snake amused and said this is not your land shiva, your people encroached our abode and constructed water treatment plant, without taking the cognition of our existence . During my stay here for 100 years, i or my people never bite any one. How can you expect me to bite you ?
My dear shiva , you are environmentalist and a vegetarian. You are animal lover. You suffer, when people demand for killing of the dogs. You know the Act of cruelty against Animals. True non- voilence is not thinking of doing harm to any being. You have to realise it.
Shiva was speechless for all the details had by snake. He thought there is no other way than to ask for forgiving him. He too thought that a wise person can learn a lot from a Godly snake. Shiva asked for apologies.
Shiva asked what are the qualities of an officer? How can i be part of them?
Snake said most of the officers think that they are above the people, forgetting that they are appointed for serving the people. Keep it in mind about the poor people. Love the poor, serve them. Anybody will serve rich. Continue your habit of disposing the file on same day or next day. It reduces the pressure.
Mingle in the people. Frequently meet them. Identify their problems . Take all the steps to resolve them. That will generate additional funds for the institution.
Be innovative. Implement the reforms taking all staff and people in to confidence. That improves confidence on you.
How to bare this stress? Many people meet officers to resolve grievances. They want to get the things done immediately , said shiva.
Snake answered that officers do not publish the phone numbers of their staff. Hence, they have to answer every one. Delegate the work. Publish their phone numbers in newspapers, conspicuously in public spaces. Show equality to everyone.
Moreover, officers are scared of the problems. A great man said that a below average person scares about problems. An average person do not worry about it. But, a wise man notices it as an opportunity. He try to resolve the problem cooly. Have the tact to tackle the situation. Improve your abilities and your staff abilities.
Another researcher told that mean persons speaks about individuals, average person speaks about incidents and great person speaks about ideas. If you think about the ideas, ideas flows to you. If you speak about the individuals, they will apprehend.
Always be healthy, happy, active and cheerful. It improves the performance. Delegate the powers to your employees and frequently verify them. It release your burden and you can reach to new and innovative ideas.
Shiva asked the snake that how should be the personal life of an officer ? What is spoiling his personal life?
Most of the officers centralise work. They don’t delegate the work. Thus, increase the burden.
Officers don’t train their subordinates, provide the opportunities to improve. But, expect them to perform well. It gives the reverse results. It also immerse officers into deep troubles. They also don’t train themselves to bare pressure or their subordinates. Thus, they continue to be under pressure, even after reaching home.
Officers must assign one hour time for themselves. They should walk or run or swim or play or do yoga. Whatever they like. On holidays they should plan to spend time with family, if not possible on every day.
They should follow the principle of nip in the bud. They should identify the problems and resolve it in early stage. Otherwise, in the ripen stage it will consume a lot of time, making the life miserable of officers. For this officers have to assign time for listening the grievances of public on every day. So that people reveal the problems. Also, taking precautionary measures like water quality testing, mosquito eradication,etc.will prevent problems.
These will nip the bud.

How to protect the environment, asked Shiva?
First and foremost is to have the attitude and create the attitude for concern on environment. We must make the environmental concern as part of our curriculum. It is not in your hands. But, you can conduct awareness programmes. You can conduct Essay writing, elocution, Quiz, Exhibitions, tree plantations, energy conservation, etc.
2. Plant as many saplings as you can and protect them. You can emphasis on herbal plants, high oxygen giving plants and trees that sustain years together.
3. Lead the simple life. Don’t waste the resources, conserve them. Water, energy, paper, fuel and what not?
4. It is the human that creates the waste. Source segregation plays key role in reuse , recycle and recover of the resources, which will protect the environment naturally.
5. Provide the renewable energy to people. Solar energy is one of them and have large potential in the sunny countries like India. The large scale utilisation of solar energy decreases its cost , thus it will be in the reach of the poor. It creates the virtuous cycle, as is in the case of LED.
6. Conserve the water bodies. It absorbs the heat.
7. Minimise the plastic use. It is the reason for maladies.
8. Indian festivals are filled with environmental conservation. For instance on vinayaka chavithi day, people have to recognise 24 herbs. It enables them to protect and use them .similarly, in the karthika month( indian month), people visit the plantation area of indian gooseberry ( Amla). It not only protects the health , but also protects the plants.
9. You can inculcate new environmental habits. For instance, plantation on marriage, birthday, death day. Gifting solar LED lantern or environmental friendly items on marriage, birthday,etc.
10. Using the electrical Vehicle will also conserve nature.
11. Recycle the waste water. It is the most important aspect for environment protection and to avoid wars for water.
12. Avoid the refrigerators, Air conditioning, avoid the chloro flouro carbons, which absorbes the heat for many years and causes Global warming.
13. Have a habit of doing the things only after assessment of whether it is environment friendly or not.
It can be a long list shiva. You can add many more. Try to aware the people.
Some one was making some sounds to back wash the water treatment plant. Staff are coming out of the plant. Being disturbed by the sounds, the snake disappeared asking him to protect the environment.
Shiva started for morning inspection in to the town with a bit of thoughts.

Enviro-fantasy story Reviewed by on . Shiva is selected as Municipal Commissioner in the Group-2 examination. Subsequent to his training, he was posted as a Municipal Commissioner in Bhainsa, a remo Shiva is selected as Municipal Commissioner in the Group-2 examination. Subsequent to his training, he was posted as a Municipal Commissioner in Bhainsa, a remo Rating: 0
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